Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X – which one should you buy?

It's always been a heated battle between the latest smartphones. With iOS and Android coming head to head, loyalty can only be disrupted by specs and features. The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S9 has us wondering: is this the phone to finally offset the popularity of the iPhone?

Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X – which one should you buy?
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The announcement of the Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress was more like an official beginning of the 2018 smartphone battle. Naturally, the first thing that happens after such an announcement is a comparison of the Galaxy S9 to the iPhone X. Both of these flagship smartphones have been beautifully introduced but the real battle lies in their functionality. While the stress on the camera and AR emoji made it clear that Samsung wants to fight it out with Apple in grabbing more users, it’s still unpredictable. That’s because it all comes down to whether you’re an Android or an iOS user. Nevertheless, the features of both these smartphones have been targeted towards making your mobile life more expressive.

Galaxy S9 top specs

Although considered to be just a better version of the Samsung Galaxy S8, this smartphone is focusing a lot on picture quality and camera effects.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9

In fact, as Samsung says, it’s built for the way we communicate today. The Galaxy S9 has a number of impressive specs and features:

  1. Super Slo-Mo Video – It allows you to capture slow motion videos at a stunning 960 frames per second. Plus, there’s an automatic motion detection feature with additional background music to make your slo-mo videos one of a kind.
  2. Low Light Camera – One of the magical new features of theGalaxy S9, the new dual aperture system will automatically grab more light when it’s too dark and vice versa so that your photos never look grainy, even in the dark.
  3. AR Emoji – In this phone, you will able to create an emoji of your yourself with facial recognition. So, chatting will be fun and more expressive than ever before.
  4. Bixby – The intelligence platform is more like an additional AR tool that makes browsing on the go so much easier. Thanks to real-time object detection, it generates information directly on top of the image you point at.

As DJ Koh, president and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics, says in the official press release,

“The way we use our smartphones has changed as communication and self-expression has evolved. With the Galaxy S9 and S9+, we have reimagined the smartphone camera. Not only do the Galaxy S9 and S9+ enable consumers to shoot great photos and videos anywhere, it’s a smartphone that’s designed to help them connect to others and express themselves in a way that’s unique and personal to them.”

Samsung Galaxy S9 has better facial recognition

Galaxy S9 has better facial recognition

Comparison with iPhone X

Prior to the Galaxy S9 release, we’d been spellbound by the iPhone X specs. It’s been a whole new series in the iPhone world and some people consider it to be even better than the iPad Pro. However, when you compare its specs to those of the Galaxy S9, you’ll see that these two flagship smartphones are very similar yet also quite different at the same time. Except for the clear-cut win of Animojis over the AR emojis of the Galaxy S9, we are still debating over which smartphone takes the cake.

iPhone X Animojis

iPhone X Animojis

  1. Display – Both smartphones have the same display (5.8 inches) unless you are going for the Galaxy S9 Plus which measures in at 6.2 inches
  2. Resolution – It happens to be a bit better in the Galaxy S9 with 2960 x 1440 pixels compared to the iPhone X (2436 x 1125 pixels)
  3. Processor – while the iPhone X is known for its A11 Bionic processor, the Snapdragon 845 (2.8GHz and 1.7GHz, octa-core) makes the Galaxy S9 even faster
  4. RAM – The Galaxy S9 (4GB) has an edge over the iPhone X (3GB) in this area
  5. Storage – The iPhone X gives you a 256 GB option along with 64 GB but the Galaxy S9 is stuck with 64 GB
  6. Camera – While the rear cameras of both the phones are the same (12MP), the 8MP front camera of Galaxy S9 out-performs that of the 7MP on the iPhone X
  7. Battery – The Galaxy S9 has a 3000 mAh to give you slightly more juice than the iPhone X (2716mAh)
  8. Starting price – the pricing of the Galaxy S9 is $719.99, making it a more economical choice compared to the widely-discussed $1000 price tag of the iPhone X
iPhone X display

iPhone X display

Nevertheless, it seems that once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user. But, the same is not always the case with Android and Samsung, though. With the release of the Galaxy S9, maybe they will finally be able to get over the ashes of the Note 7 once and for all and bring in even more users.

Background Image Credit: Android Authority

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