Samsung The Frame 2021 turns a black-screen standby TV into a work of art

Introducing the Samsung The Frame 2021, a modernized take on the 2017 model. This TV boasts a slim design that positions flat against your wall and displays stunning artwork when not in use. Continue reading to explore more.

Samsung The Frame 2021 turns a black-screen standby TV into a work of art
Samsung The Frame 2021 TV on the wall

When not in use, your TV can look stagnant on the wall or stand. If only there was a more inventive way to brighten up your TV when it’s on standby. Well, now there is with the Samsung The Frame 2021.

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Released at the CES 2021 event, this lifestyle TV measures only 24.9 mm in thickness, enabling it to hug your wall closely for a close fit. And boasting a thick, metallic casing, it’ll make an impact in any living space.

Samsung The Frame 2021

Samsung The Frame 2021 with balloons on the display

Offers a snug fit to your wall

In this digital era, nobody wants a thick TV protruding from the wall. Fortunately, the Samsung The Frame 2021 has a sleek design that’s around the depth of a typical picture frame. Its No Gap Wall Mount helps it to flourish on the wall, alternatively, place it on a counter for a more subtle effect. And you can also customize the frame around the image with attachable bezel options that are available in five colors and two styles: Modern and Beveled.

Furthermore, it sports sizes ranging from 32 to 75 inches, making it highly versatile for various wall sizes. The 32- and 43-inch models can display content in a portrait mode instead of just horizontal like a conventional TV.

Samsung The Frame 2021

Samsung The Frame 2021 on a wall

Display artwork on your TV

The Samsung The Frame 2021 was created to turn your unused TV into a piece of art when not in use. In particular, you can invest in a paid subscription of $5 per month to receive access to 1,400 pieces of art from world-renowned institutions, such as the Tate Gallery, Van Gogh Museum, and V&A Museum. This range of artwork includes paintings, landscapes, photos, and much more. This subscription also includes AI-based auto-curation technology to help match you with images you’ll like. Simply switch the TV to Art Mode to display these creations. Furthermore, this will help to calibrate the TV’s display to match your home decor. And you can change the display at any time.

Also, you can buy pieces individually to show your own artwork on the Samsung The Frame 2021. Best of all, the artwork doesn’t look gimmicky but captures a similar quality to museum art. Simply switch the TV to Art Mode to display.

In a nutshell, The Frame 2021 edition is a boon to those who spend more time with their TV off than on. Therefore, you can experience stunning artwork on the downtimes and utilize the TV capability when you have some free time. It’s also advanced from the 2017 design with a QLED panel upgrade, an aesthetic-led appearance.

More information regarding the release date and pricing has yet to be released. In the meantime, is this something you’d like to add to your living room? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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