This screen-free audio platform keeps kids entertained and educated

Limiting children's screen time isn't an easy task, especially during downtime. Fortunately, the Ellodee sound companion provides unlimited entertainment to play audiobooks, songs, and more. It'll keep little ones inspired and give parents peace of mind that kids aren't scrolling the web or constantly stuck behind a screen.

This screen-free audio platform keeps kids entertained and educated
Ellodee Sound Companion screen-free audio platform design

In this digital era, it can be difficult to reduce kids’ screen time while keeping them entertained. We’re advised to limit the number of hours your little ones commit to watching videos, scrolling online, and more. But with addictive video games, entertaining TV shows, and even schools introducing tablets into education, you know how much of a challenge this can be.

And parenting is demanding enough. You don’t need to battle to make your child spend less time offline. And sometimes handing them a tablet to play games on seems like an easy solution. But what if there was a device that kept children entertained while not gluing them to a screen for hours? The Ellodee sound companion audio platform is the answer to this dilemma. This gadget features 60 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. What’s the best part? It doesn’t have a screen or internet capabilities to limit screen time.

Limits children’s screen time

Most of us try to spend more time offline than online, but this can be challenging—even for kids—in an increasingly digital world. By spending more time on phones, tablets, and laptops, children aren’t engaging with others, sparking creativity, or kickstarting their imagination. Constantly supervising your child isn’t a feasible solution, but this device encourages them to become more self-aware because it doesn’t include an addictive screen or microphone.

Ellodee Sound Companion audio platform

Ellodee Sound Companion Audio Platform and a Girl

Redefines entertainment

Ellodee is entertainment redefined. Specifically aimed at kids between ages one and 14, it features 60 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks with a large variety of categories. Use the Ellodee app to search for appropriate content that your child will enjoy. This wide selection gets kids up and dancing, provides educational stories, and offers bedtime stories to help them unwind at night. With such a vast choice, they’ll never get fed up. So you can use this gadget throughout their entire childhood.

Ellodee Sound Companion audio platform

Ellodee Sound Companion Audio Platform on a Table

Comes with parental controls

We mentioned that you need the Ellodee app to make your selections. This is also where you can add some restrictions. Fortunately, this means that you’re in control of what they listen to as long as they don’t have access to a connected device. In fact, the parental controls allow you to adjust the settings at any time. With no screen, camera, microphone, or internet access, it lets you rest assured that your child’s safety isn’t in danger. Instead, this sound companion encourages independent listening while giving you peace of mind that they won’t engage with anything that’s not child-friendly.

Ellodee Sound Companion audio platform

Ellodee Sound Companion Audio Platform on a Blue Background

Works anywhere

Once you’ve selected the music and stories for your child, you can use the Ellodee sound companion audio platform anywhere. You don’t need Wi-Fi or even a phone. Instead, the content saves on the gadget for offline listening. Therefore, your little one can take it with them to a friend’s house, the park, or the yard during summer. And with an eight-hour battery life, it doesn’t always need to be connected to the charging plate.

Furthermore, it’s light enough for children to carry, and the handle provides excellent portability. It can also tolerate clumsy moments as it’s durable and made of high-quality materials.

Ellodee Sound Companion audio platform

Ellodee Sound Companion Audio Platform Outdoors

Is totally screenless

If there’s no screen, how can you see what you’re listening to? The beauty of the Ellodee sound companion is its design. The wheel interface is made up of six colorful buttons that link to a podcast, playlist, album, audiobook, or song. This in itself is entertaining for kids and makes the device easy to operate. The central display shows cover art and track information, so you can always see what they’re listening to.

You can change content with a single swipe. Use the knob to switch it on and off, adjust the volume, and hold it down to manage settings. This simple design allows children to be independent and provides music and stories at their fingertips.

Ellodee Sound Companion audio platform

Ellodee Sound Companion Audio Platform and Two Children

Has a future-investing membership

One membership powers up to five Ellodee devices, which is great if you have children who aren’t prone to sharing. It’s anticipated to cost $14.99 a month. For this price, you receive unlimited use, and your child will want to spend hours listening to fun stories and their favorite music every day. And with entertainment and education at the core of this device’s value, you can’t really put a price on your child’s future and mental wellbeing.

I love this gadget’s simplicity, as it eliminates confusing hardware and software. So non-tech-savvy parents and children can operate it. Also, with millions of selections, it can keep children’s minds growing. Preorder the Ellodee sound companion for $199. Let us know your thoughts on this audio platform and ways you limit children’s screentime.

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