Seatswing is a helpful hands-free toilet seat

Seatswing is a helpful hands-free toilet seat

Since the dawn of humankind, men and women have argued over the toilet seat. I’m sure you can still see depictions of the protests in cave drawings. Back in the present, there is finally a solution. Seatswing automatically lifts or lowers the seat with a quick nudge, meaning you don’t have to get hands-on with…yeah, you know.

– Hands-free lid lifts and lowers automatically with a quick tap

– Fits pretty much any toilet

– Blends seamlessly with your bathroom design

Hands-free toilet seat

You don’t need to be a clean-freak to understand why Seatswing is a good idea. If you stop to think — touching the toilet seat before heading back to the dinner table is pretty gross.

Like your own personal lid-lifting assistant, this toilet peripheral instantly improves your bathroom hygiene. The device is very easy to install and almost invisible. It directly replaces your regular seat and lid, with the addition of one small tab.

Hand-free toilet seat

When you want to raise or drop the seat, you simply nudge this spot with your knee. Even the most disoriented night-time visitor should manage to operate this thing. The seat lifts quickly but smoothly, like the best bathroom drawbridge you have ever seen.

Hand-free toilet seat review

Made to last

The seat is made from Duroplast, a type of fiber-resin. This is the material of choice in the plumbing trade, thanks to its durability and strength. It has the same pearl-white finish as the rest of your bathroom, with smooth surfaces that are really easy to clean.

Hand-free toilet seat review

Simple technology

The other nice thing about Seatswing is that there is no unnecessary technology. It works just like those fancy push-to-open trash cans, so there is literally nothing to go wrong. You don’t even need to sync it with the sink via Bluetooth.

Hand-free toilet seat review

What we ❤️

A simple solution to an age-old problem. It looks great, keeps your hands clean, and gives your other half one less reason to complain.

Future design

It would be neat if they made one for kids at some point.

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Pre-order via Kickstarter

– Price: $45.10

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