NanoFoamer PRO: the game-changing hands-free microfoam maker for coffee lovers everywhere

Want to drink microfoam milk on your coffee every morning? Now you can with the NanoFoamer PRO. It automatically creates high-quality foam in just a couple of minutes.

NanoFoamer PRO: the game-changing hands-free microfoam maker for coffee lovers everywhere
NanoFoamer PRO looks great in a kitchen

Enjoy a latte art masterpiece with every espresso when you have the NanoFoamer PRO automatic microfoam maker. It creates microfoam milk without a steam wand, letting you add frothed milk to your coffee without a large espresso machine.

Love sipping a perfectly frothed cappuccino for breakfast? Now you can have that experience every morning at home thanks to the NanoFoamer PRO. It creates premium textured foam and works fast, ensuring your foam is ready at the same time as your espresso.

Intrigued? So are we. Let’s check it out!

NanoFoamer PRO showcase video

This company is democratizing microfoam

Think you need to buy a large espresso maker or head to the local café to enjoy a high-quality foamy coffee? With the NanoFoamer in your kitchen, that’s not the case.

In fact, this standalone automatic microfoam maker works with your home espresso preparation method. That’s right, your Keurig, Nespresso, Aeropress, mocha pot, etc. are all fair game here.

Even better, the only skill you need to practice with this coffee lover’s machine is your latte art. Because the foam is ready effortlessly, giving you more time to be creative.

The NanoFoamer PRO is quick and easy to use

So how does this cool coffee gadget work? According to the company, the NanoFoamer PRO works in 3 stages. In the first stage, the appliance heats the milk to a set temperature while mixing it slowly.

It then speeds up to incorporate air into the milk. Then, the process slows to balance the milk’s texture by pulling down and crushing the incorporated bubbles through the spinning NanoScreen.

Basically, this gadget creates and maintains a balanced vortex in the milk without adding extra air, which is quite an accomplishment. And, the creators say, it’s this balance that makes the NanoFoamer PRO such a fantastic product.

Meanwhile, the process for users couldn’t be easier. Simply add your milk to your chosen flow controller and select your preferred program. That’s it! The next steps are creating your latte art and drinking your coffee.

NanoFoamer PRO pouring latte art

Your latte art skills get more practice than ever

If you’ve ever tried latte art, you know how fun, challenging, and rewarding it is to decorate a loved one’s morning coffee with an intricate heart or spiral shape.

But creating a silky, malleable microfoam for latte art isn’t easy. Using traditional methods, it takes quite a lot of trial and error to get everything just right.

Thankfully, with the NanoFoamer PRO, you don’t have to waste batch after batch of milk. This coffee gadget helps everyone transform their coffee into a barista-caliber masterpiece.

And, to support your latte art endeavors, the company is giving every backer access to its latte art masterclass instructed by 2-time champion Lance Hedrick. Yes, after this class, you too can swirl flowers and hearts into your morning cappuccino.

Mornings get better with tasty, beautiful coffee

Mornings can be a challenge, but good coffee makes them easier. Just imagine how you’d greet the day if you could drink lovely cappuccinos and lattes every day with breakfast.

It’s something you’d look forward to as soon as you stepped out of bed. You might even wake up faster, knowing you have the chance to experiment with coffee art.

Café drinks are easy with this microfoam maker

One thing’s for sure: this automatic microfoam maker simplifies making espresso-based drinks at home. First, it makes the perfect texture in just 1–2 minutes. So, instead of stirring milk, you can concentrate on making espresso.

What’s more, the actual machine comes in a handy size. It’s not so big that you must pour it into a smaller carafe; it’s small enough to pour microfoam directly onto your coffee. Transfer the foam into a smaller latte art jug for super-detailed designs.

5 + 1 modes fine-tune your coffee experience

What’s more, there are plenty of ways to customize your foam when you use the NanoFoamer PRO. In fact, it has 5+1 programs. Program 1 is for tiny drinks, while 5 is for larger ones.

Then, programs 2, 3, and 4 all adjust the foam density slightly, depending on your drink’s style. Finally, there’s even a cold program, enhancing your coffee in hot weather.

The NanoFoamer PRO also has a handy display and chime that tell you when your microfoam is ready at 130°F. It continues to churn, preserving the foam quality. You can stop it earlier for cold drinks and leave it until the end for hot ones.

Convenient features upgrade your brewing

Even better, this gadget is packed with convenient features that make coffee brewing a fun, convenient home-kitchen process. For instance, a double-wall design ensures the outer surface stays cool to the touch.

Then, 2 magnetic flow controllers calibrate the microfoaming by adjusting for different kinds of milk and plant-based milk alternatives. Yes, this product works with oat, almond, soy, and other vegan beverages.

Next, precise markings on the flow controller ensure that you can prepare precise portions over and over again. This improves your consistency and reduces waste.

Homemade espresso drinks have never been easier

So, is this automatic microfoam maker worth it? The answer is yes if you want to enjoy espresso-based drinks at home without the hassle. The NanoFoamer PRO creates high-quality foam in just a few minutes and doesn’t require you to stir.

Meanwhile, you can pull your espresso, brew your mocha pot, or insert your espresso pod so that your coffee and foam are precisely timed. This also gives you a chance to experiment with beautiful latte art designs.

Sound like something you’d love? Then preorder the NanoFoamer PRO for about $112 on Kickstarter today. What coffee-making gadgets do you own and love? Tell us!

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