SENS8 Gives You Total Home Security with a Live Feed

SENS8 Gives You Total Home Security with a Live Feed

Living in the modern world comes with many perks. We can call someone, stream content, and even work from anywhere in the world. But, as we evolve, so do criminals. Protecting your home and your family is paramount to everything else. Because of this, your home security must be advanced.

Introducing the SENS8 Home Security System. Monitoring your home whenever you want, the SENS8 technology can detect and alert you to any abnormalities.

SENS8 Home Security System review

Riddled with the latest technology, SENS8 is an elegant, all-in-one home security system. It’s equipped with an impressive six cutting-edge sensors to keep you and your family safe and informed. Below the sleek exterior is an infrared motion sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, an ambient light sensor, and even a sensor for sound.

SENS8 All-in-One Home Security System

In addition to all of this, SENS8 is outfitted with a built-in 1080p HD camera complete with night vision so you can keep an eye on things even while you’re out. SENS8 also has a super loud 95+ decibel alarm to help you scare off any intruders. Because it’s all connected to the intuitive app, you have total peace of mind even if you’re across the globe.

SENS8 All-in-One Home Security System review

As you may have realized, SENS8 is so much more than a simple security system. The sensors work in tandem to alert you to any abnormalities such as a fire, leaking pipes or flooding, dangerously low temperatures, and so much more. You’re able to set thresholds for each of the sensors right in the app to avoid false alarms.

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Going beyond security, the SENS8 System also has a smart health index module. It ingeniously analyses your home and provides you with feedback. With this information, you can make changes in your home and lifestyle so your family can be healthier and happier.

SENS8 Home Security System

Unlike other security products, SENS8 is built for you and your family. With the included micro SD card and access to Dropbox or Google Drive, there are no monthly storage or data fees to pay. Instead, you get live streams and the ability to review footage whenever you’d like.


The SENS8 System is currently live on Indiegogo with a campaign ending on November 4th so you’d better act fast to reserve yours. At the moment, the early bird offer is still available which gets you the SENS8 system for only $119 and shipping in April 2017.

Isn’t it time you lived with peace of mind?

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