This $3K smart dog door will let your pets step out when they wish to

Get peace of mind when you're out of the house and have a pet. The myQ Pet Portal lets you speak and see your dog without being in the same room. Continue reading to explore more incredible features of this CES 2021 release.

This $3K smart dog door will let your pets step out when they wish to
myQ Pet Portal in use

If you have a pet, you might be guilty of leaving events early to let them out to use the toilet. Fortunately, myQ Pet Portal, which was released at CES 2021, eliminates the stress of worrying about your pet needing to go outdoors when you’re not home.

This pet gadget is a smart dog door that senses when your dog is present. It then sends a notification to your phone, allowing you to unlock the door from anywhere so they can venture outdoors. Therefore, you can enjoy spending time with friends without worrying that your dog needs to go potty.

A cat flap alternative for dogs

Some pet owners may say that owning a cat is easier for dogs, because they’re more independent and can go outside whenever they need to. The myQ Pet Portal is a dog owner’s alternative to providing your pet with the freedom they deserve. Or it acts as a replacement to an old-fashioned dog door flat with a permanent sliding door-system built into your front or back door.

myQ Pet Portal

myQ Pet Portal with a dog

Let your pet outside remotely

One question that might be pondering in your head is ‘how will I know that my dog returns home safely?’ The myQ Pet Portal includes a comfortable collar sensor that your dog wears. When your pet is waiting near the door, it’ll send a notification to your phone, so you can check on your dog remotely. The collar’s sensor has an auto-close and lock system. That way they can enter and exit your home without you being present. But you can set it to manual opening and closing if you’d prefer.

Also, it’ll only activate the smart dog door with your pet to avoid other animals from entering your home.

myQ Pet Portal

myQ Pet Portal with a dog heading outdoors

Track your pet’s outdoor activity

This smart door allows you to track your pet’s outdoor activity via the app. This includes monitors how long they were outside, presented into easily digestible data. And this information also includes how long they spent playing.

myQ Pet Portal

myQ Pet Portal app on a phone

Speak and see your dog when you’re not home

The myQ Pet Portal also includes two 1080p cameras that provide live video streaming. Therefore, you can easily access the app to check in on your pet when you’re not home. In addition, the night-vision capability allows you to track your dog—even when it’s dark outside. And you can talk to them when you’re not home. Hearing your voice will provide them with some comfort, and it’ll give you peace of mind, too.

Overall, the myQ Pet Portal replaces your entire front door for security. This also provides a streamlined design to avoid one section looking different to the rest of your door. From February 2021, you can configure the door to match your home’s interior. A professional will then verify the measurements before assembling the door. Finally, a local door professional will install it into your home.

myQ Pet Portal costs $2,999 but only requires a $100 deposit. Will you be making a preorder? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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