This smart doorknob lights your way in the dark

The Bright Lock High-Tech Illuminated Doorknob solves a problem you didn't know you had. It uses motion sensor technology and an adjustable LED light to guide you as you seek out the bathroom in the middle of the night. That means no more tripping over Legos or running into walls.

This smart doorknob lights your way in the dark
The Bright Lock smart doorknob senses you in the dark to illuminate your path

Every so often a product or idea comes to being that makes you wonder why it didn’t come about sooner. Like much sooner. The Bright Lock  is exactly that; a smart doorknob that was literally born from stumbling to find the bathroom in the dark. And that’s a dilemma that has affected all of us at one point or another, whether by stumbling to the bathroom yourself or having to turn on the too-bright lights while your partner tries to sleep.

Person adjusting Bright Lock brightness

A gentle way to light your path

Illuminates found a simple solution when it designed a doorknob that gently lights your way as you navigate through your home in the dark, whether for a late-night bathroom trip or a midnight journey to the kitchen for a quick snack. The doorknob was constructed with a highly customizable LED light and a motion sensor that detects your presence in the dark and conveniently shines a light for you that won’t hurt your eyes. But there’s more to the Bright Lock than meets the eye. Let’s take a deep dive into all its features and specs.

Ultra-simple installation

Ease of installation isn’t typically something we consider until we lack the tools to assemble it in our homes. So kudos to Illuminates for emphasizing a straightforward installation with the Bright Lock. The mounting plate is universal to most standard doorknob sizes, so you don’t have to worry about sizing the doorknob to whatever you have at home. Better yet, you can install it with a basic set of tools at home. It only takes two screws to mount to your door.

Bright Lock with activated LED lights

Fits universally to doors with just two screws

An emphasis on customization

Almost everything about the Bright Lock High-Tech Illuminated Doorknob is customizable. That’s because the folks at Illuminates wanted this doorknob to work well in every home and for any intended purpose. To start, the doorknob comes with six different light colors and adjustable brightness to match any home decor. The adjustable brightness is especially key so you don’t need to wake any sleeping partners, children, or pets during your late-night bathroom escapades.

Bright Lock illuminated in the dark

Change everything from color to motion detection sensitivity

But that’s not all you can customize with the Bright Lock. You can also adjust the motion sensor sensitivity so your cat or dog won’t set off the light while you sleep. And similarly, you can adjust the duration that the light stays activated. Long walk to the bathroom? You can set the light duration to 45-seconds so you have plenty of time to navigate through the dark to your final destination. We love that Illuminates placed such an emphasis on customization so that everyone can find the perfect settings for their nighttime needs.

A built-in motion sensor helps you at night

The Bright Lock comes with an adjustable built-in motion sensor. Instead of sliding your hands along the walls in search of your light switch, you can simply make your way toward the door so the motion sensor can detect your presence and activate the LED light. Some motion sensors are so sensitive that they seem to set off the lights as soon as you think about moving. And others won’t actually sense your presence until you’re mere inches away. Neither of those would be very useful in this instance, which is why Illuminates had the good sense to equip this doorknob with an adjustable motion sensor.

Bright Lock doorknob side profile

No need to scramble around looking for the light switch

The Bright Lock motion sensor has a range of up to seven feet, which ought to be plenty of range, even for spacious master bedrooms. It also stays in sleep mode until it detects a motion, which quickly brings it back to life. This helps save battery life in the long-term so you can count on the Bright Lock to illuminate your path reliably without giving out when you need it most.

Bright colored LEDs to light your way

Regardless of your home’s color, size, and decor, you can rest assured knowing the Bright Lock will work in your home. With its six color options and easily adjustable brightness, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home, so there’s no clashing as you make your way to the bathroom at night. The LED’s also look great on the doorknob, forming in a ring around the edge of the doorknob to give your door a futuristic edge.

Bright Lock from far away with blue light

The Adjustable LEDs come in 6 different colors

Aesthetic design

The practicality of the Bright Look would be pretty much moot if it didn’t look good in your home. Thankfully, Illuminates made the Bright Lock with aesthetics in mind. When the LEDs aren’t activated, it’s a pretty discrete base plate and doorknob that comes in two different finishes: antique nickel and antique gold. And as we touched on before, the six different color options give you the flexibility to match your in-home decor, wall color, or to change things up every now and then.

Bright Lock side profile in sleep mode

Designed to look good alongside every kind of decor

What we ❤️

The emphasis on customization, for one. This is a doorknob that will look great in almost any home, regardless of its shape, size, color, or decor. But also the customization of the Bright Lock’s core features. We love that you can adjust the motion sensor to be more or less sensitive depending on whether you have pets roaming the house at night, or if you have to approach the doorknob from farther away.

Bright Lock purple light front view

Adjust the light duration to up to 45 seconds

What we’d ❤️ to see in future versions

It’s hard to find any real knocks on the Bright Lock. With its simple, clean design and its emphasis on customization, we think it represents an awesome solution to an age-old problem. That said, it’s only a great solution for indoor use. We’d love to see Illuminates expand its doorknob-night-light arsenal to offer an outdoor door lock with a lot of the same features offered by the indoor lock. After all, how many times have you found yourself fumbling at the deadbolt with your key trying to get into your house at night? We’d love to see an outdoor doorknob or door lock in the future.

Bright Light doorknob front view in sleep mode

We’d love to see an outdoor version of the same doorknob

The Bright Lock is the solution to a problem you didn’t realize you had. The next time you have to make a trip to the bathroom in the dark of night, think about how much easier it would be with a smart doorknob with a highly customizable and gentle LED light to guide your way. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to those motion-activated floor lights, or the traditional overhead lights that will no doubt rouse anyone sleeping in your vicinity.

The Bright Lock will be made available worldwide for $25 if you order it ahead of its launch in April 2020.

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