Smart home decor that will blend in perfectly with your home

Smart home devices seem imperative for any modern home, but these products tend to come with exteriors that are far from blending in with the aesthetic in your home. Rather than forgo automation, find the right smart home decor that blends right in.

Smart home decor that will blend in perfectly with your home
Smart Home Decor 2019
  • Which are the best smart home gadgets under $50? Of course, a smart home can be as expensive as it sounds. With big leaps in innovation come big price tags to go along with them. However, there are many devices out there that are plenty smart and won’t break the bank and we’ve found 14 of the best. 
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  • Where can I find more smart home gadgets? When it comes to technology, the world of smart home devices is packed to the gills. There’s innovation around every corner, literally. From the kitchen to the living room to even the bathroom, there’s a smart home device out there ready to make your life easier.

Google Assistant or Alexa? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC? App-controlled or remote-controlled? When it comes to smart home devices, there are a lot of choices you have to make that will dictate the products you buy. Each choice determines which ones will integrate seamlessly with your home.

However, there’s one area where consumers are often left without a choice: style. It seems that innovation reigns supreme over interior design, meaning you’re left with a truly intelligent device, but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

While it took some digging, we’ve found the best smart home devices that also double as smart home decor. With these, you never have to compromise style for functionality or vice versa.

Urbie Air 3-in-1 Advanced Indoor Air Purifier

It might look like one, but this incredible system is so much more than a planter. The luxuriously modern exterior houses a three-in-one purification system. The smart plant system acts as an eco-friendly air filter to remove harmful particles and humidity. It uses condensation from the air to then water the plant automatically. With five smart sensors, it tracks it all to work autonomously.

Evapolar evaSMART Smart Personal Air Conditioner

What does your air conditioner look like? If you’re like most people, it blocks half your bedroom window. But evaSMART brings modernity to your air cooling. Super compact, this personal AC unit is wonderfully sleek and stylish as it improves the air in your home. Place it on your kitchen counter, nightstand, desk, or anywhere else you want to feel more comfortable.

Nanoleaf Canvas Interactive Ambient Light

Smart lights are usually full-on lamps that don’t quite fit in or bulbs you never see. Nanoleaf Canvas bucks the trends and becomes what you need. The totally modular squares can take on any shape or design. Plus, you can choose the color of light they display. Or you can go for a pattern. These lights can even double as a game, bringing a whole new functionality to smart lights.

Native Union Dock Marquetry Wireless Charger Fast Charging iPhone Stand

The world of wireless chargers is a sea of black or white plastic. Native Union changes that with the Dock Marquetry Wireless Charger. Featuring a handmade design, this wireless charger is complete with leather accents and vibrant colors. Your smartphone will automatically charge as soon as you set it down, giving you peace of mind as you get on with the more important tasks on your desk.

Native Union Dock Marquetry Wireless Charger Fast Charging iPhone Stand

This smart wireless charging stand is handmade out of leather

Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan

The biggest upgrade to ceiling fans in the past few decades was a remote control. But with the Haiku, the ceiling fan is now smarter and more beautiful than ever. Featuring striking wood blades and a slim and sleek silhouette, Haiku has built-in sensors to track the temperature in the room. If it senses it’s too hot, it instantly kicks on, helping to regulate airflow and provide an ideal temperature.

Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter Box

Having a home garden gives you convenience and access to fresh food. Having a smart one is even better. The Urban Garden from Glowpear stealthily hides the intelligence it has inside. With smart sensors, it keeps track of your plants’ needs, watering them automatically. Great for herbs as well as plants, the all-white basin and black legs will look beautiful anywhere in your home.

Meural Canvas Modern Digital Art Frame

Who says beautiful art can’t be smart? The folks at Meural certainly think otherwise, This modern digital art frame can be displayed both horizontally and vertically. Unlike a regular smart picture frame, Meural Canvas can display just about anything you want. You can even set a schedule to have it automatically update the artwork, giving a fresh look to your space every single day.

IKEA and Sonos Symfonisk Table Lamp Wi-Fi Speaker

True pioneers of the stylish smart home devices, the Symfonisk Speaker from IKEA and Sonos will blow you away. At first glance, it looks just like a beautiful lamp should: beautiful. You wouldn’t know how smart it actually is. But this lamp actually connects via Wi-Fi to give you full access to all the music you can imagine.

Which one of these would you add to your home? Share with us in the comments below.

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