Sony SmartWatch 3: the Perfect Android Wear Smartwatch for Runners

Sony SmartWatch 3: the Perfect Android Wear Smartwatch for Runners

It’s still a fledgling section of the market but it’s becoming more saturated by the day with everybody wanting to compete for the title of Best Smartwatch. Whether it’s a more luxury or classy option like the LG G Watch R, the Moto 360 or Pebble Steel or a cheaper option like the original Pebble, G Watch or Gear Live, there are certainly enough options out there to confuse consumers. Sony has been in the fray since the beginning, although the first two iterations certainly don’t compare to the latest versions of smartwatches now available. With improved technology, the SW3 is Sony’s latest attempt to carve out a niche in the market.

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Sony has opted for a plain smartwatch in the SW3. The actual watch itself is a rounded square of black boringness that is a safe design choice for Sony. However, the SW3 does not resign itself to a boring fate as it can be removed from the original wristband and then placed into a different wristband such as the lime green choice or even one of the newer stainless steel options. Even better is a watch holder thing that will make the SW3 compatible with normal watch bands so it will be incredibly easy to make the SW3 fit whatever occasion you want it to.

The screen is just decent, it’s not the worst but it’s not the best either. It’s very pixel dense but the colors are rather muted and drab which seems to offset the bright colors of Android Wear a tiny bit. For most people with only the SW3, such a thing will never be noticed. The screen type actually makes for a couple of different bonuses. One, the screen is super easy to read in direct sunlight which is perfect for all those outdoorsy people. Two, the battery life is really good for an Android Wear smartwatch.


What It Does

We all know the drill by now with Android Wear. It’s Google’s special made OS for wearables that is based on the material design and card dimensions with voice commands of Android Lollipop that make for smooth, intuitive, and informational interaction to enhance the experience of your smartphone but not directly replace it. The SW3 adds a couple of hardware features to hopefully expand its usefulness in the future. The SW3 is the first smartwatch to have built in GPS and also includes WiFi and NFC. Not many apps take advantage of such hardware but Runkeeper was recently updated just for the GPS and other apps will certainly follow suit soon. For a runner, the SW3 is the best bet. For other people, the SW3 is still a great option.

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