Step up your Instagram game with these apps and gadgets

There are 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram per day. With Stories and carousel posts as the icing on the cake, how to improve your Instagram profile is always a hot topic. Here's how you can step up your Instagram game with simple apps and gadgets to make the most of visual social sharing.

Step up your Instagram game with these apps and gadgets
  • With 700 million people using Instagram every month, it’s undoubtedly becoming Facebook’s next Facebook.
  • Not one to back down, Snapchat took to the big screen to take a jab at Instagram (and stay relevant). In their first ever TV ad, Snapchat highlighted how the camera captures more than just a picture.

Instagram is one of the most popular networks for engagement. Rife with visual treats, the app became even more exciting after debuting Stories. Whether you’re sharing a funny Boomerang or simply a carousel of your last vacation, Instagram is a happy album you can use in many ways to share your experience with friends. But, what’s really different about this platform is its versatility. Not only can you share posts as a picture or a video, there are also loads of little tricks to make your profile more visually pleasing. There’s no doubt that Instagram will be the most popular social network in the coming years.

700 million people using Instagram every month.

700 million people using Instagram every month.

In addition to sharing personal snapshots, Instagram can also earn you money. The app has become really beneficial for influencers. People tend to share their experiences with a like-minded audience and grow a niche following base. This is where brands can really cash in and reach more people organically. The key to successful branded posts, especially through influencers, is to produce content that isn’t too sales centric. Instead, it should be genuine and generate engagement among the audience. However, in order to take your profile to this level, you need to put in hard work.

First things first: you need to determine your niche. Once you start generating content based on that niche, you can then focus on growing your followers with engaging content. Even for those who just use Instagram casually, it’s always exciting to try some new apps and techniques for making your posts even more memorable. Check out our favorite apps and gadgets that can help you become an Instagram pro.

Instagram is really beneficial for influencers

Instagram is really beneficial for influencers

What are the best apps for Instagram?

While Instagram does promote apps their native apps such as Layout, Hyperlapse, and Boomerang, here are some extra 3rd apps you can consider.

InShot Video Editor

This video editing app makes your videos look more engaging and exciting for your Instagram audience. The usability is comprehensive and the latest update is complete with neon and duotone filters.

Hashtag Expert

Generating buzz on your Instagram posts requires hashtags. With this app, you’ll be able to instantly source relevant hashtags based on your topic to bring in more users than ever. It’s easy, relevant, and, best of all, it’s free.


If you want to design unique Instagram content, Canva is the app for you. It not only comes with templates of its own but also a user-curated library of images where you can draw inspiration.


Posting spontaneously on Instagram actually works against you and it won’t generate the number of views you desire. With this app, you’ll be able to determine when your followers are active and post accordingly.


While there’s nothing taking panorama shots and then stitching them together, Instagram makes them hard to share. Swipeable solves this problem by optimizing your photos for the app so your viewers can see stunning 360-degree views.

Gadgets to make your Instagram posts even better

Instagram is so much more than your smartphone lens. In fact, there are a plethora of gadgets and devices to take your iPhoneography to the next level (without breaking your budget).
SANDMARC iPhone Photography Lenses

These photography lenses come in three editions: Macro, Wide and Fisheye. The Macro lens allows you to take close-up images with vivid details. Similarly, the Wide lens features a 2x wider capture while the Fisheye lens offers 5x wider capture.
HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer

This range consists of three devices, all designed to help you capture what matters most. The Sprocket prints 2×3” photos in a matter of seconds. The app also connects to your social media accounts for effortless sharing.
SelfieTIK Smart Bluetooth Selfie Stick

180-degree adjustable range

Selfie-stick with 180-degree adjustable range

The SelfieTIK is a fully retractable smart selfie stick that features a 180-degree adjustable range. Additionally, it conveniently fits in your pocket or bag when it retracts to just 6.4 inches.
Insta360 Air Spherical Camera

With a powerful lens, you can capture everything around you with ease. Attaching to your smartphone, this camera can also be used to go live for your social media audience.
All-Weather External GoPro Power Kit

For adventurous Instagrammers

For adventurous Instagrammers

If you are an adventurous Instagrammer, chances are you already have a GoPro. Compatible with the HERO5 and the HERO6, this clever system keeps your camera protected and powered up. The X~PWR-H5 allows your action camera to be plugged into an external USB power source so you get continuous power.

With these gadgets and apps, your Instagram feed is about to get all the attention it deserves. Do you use any other apps or gadgets for Instagram that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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