This stylish toothpaste dispenser makes it easier to keep your bathroom clean

If you're a parent, you're familiar with cleaning up gobs of sticky toothpaste on your bathroom sinks. And don't get us started about those lost toothpaste caps. Luckily, the UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser makes using toothpaste easier for the whole family. Check out this blog post to learn more about this useful bathroom gadget.

This stylish toothpaste dispenser makes it easier to keep your bathroom clean
UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser in use

Eliminate sticky toothpaste spills from your bathroom for good with this child-friendly toothpaste dispenser. Maybe it’s a weekly occurrence for you, losing your toothpaste tube cap. Or maybe your kids squeeze out too much toothpaste and it falls onto the bathroom counter. These are small hangups, but ones you have to clean up, nonetheless. If you already have too many things to do every week, the UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser could eliminate one. This stylish toothpaste dispenser makes a lovely addition to your bathroom and dispenses a measured amount of toothpaste onto toothbrushes without the mess.

At first glance, the UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser has the look of a stylish hand soap dispenser. It has a wall-mounted design that you can adhere to your wall or bathroom mirror and comes in three styles: Sophisticated Silver, Elegant Marble, Classic Wood Finish—all of which look great. The dispenser fits most toothpaste tubes up to the jumbo 180-gram size. And the product itself is quite easy to use. Let’s have a closer look at this practical bathroom gadget.

UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser in a video

Keep your bathroom cleaner with this useful toothpaste dispenser

Having clean teeth shouldn’t come at the expense of a messy bathroom. Luckily, this stylish toothpaste dispenser helps you avoid those goopy, sticky toothpaste messes. It’s perfect for little hands that might not quite have the fine motor skills to squeeze toothpaste in a controlled manner. Simply place your toothbrush under the UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser and press the button to release the amount of toothpaste you need. There’s no mess and no caps to deal with.

Make your bathroom more eco friendly

The UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser is also a bathroom accessory you can feel good about buying. That’s because it’s made using plastic that has been recycled from landfills. It’s Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, which is super durable and accounts for this product’s long lifespan. Best of all, when you’re ready to throw away this stylish toothpaste dispenser (after like, a hundred years of use, according to the company), you can put it in the recycling bin, allowing for the material’s reuse. The packaging also features recyclable paper.

This stylish toothpaste dispenser makes it easier to keep your bathroom clean UpKit toothpaste dispenser
UpKit practical toothpaste dispenser and a girl brushing her teeth

Save money with this child-friendly toothpaste dispenser

We’re all looking to save a little money where we can. And with the UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser, you can. In fact, it helps you to get the most out of the toothpaste tube. This stylish toothpaste dispenser ensures that you use every bit of toothpaste in the tube; no one likes wasting money on products that get stuck in their containers. This bathroom gadget helps with that.

Brush your teeth more hygenically

Have you ever noticed that you pretty much have to press your toothbrush to the tube when putting toothpaste on it? This can spread germs and bacteria from person to person in your family. Luckily, since this stylish toothpaste dispenser dispenses measured amounts of toothpaste right onto the brush, you can avoid toothbrushes coming into contact with the toothpaste. This is a relief and a great way to make sure everyone in the family stays healthy.

Choose a bathroom gadget that’s easy to use

You won’t have any issues installing this practical bathroom gadget. It comes with a set of screws and 3M tape so you can easily mount the device to your wall. Then load the toothpaste tube into the dispenser, close it, and press the dispensing button. You’ll be on your way to a bathroom that’s easier to keep clean with this stylish toothpaste dispenser. What’s more, a magnetic closure secures the toothpaste tube from inside the product, so there are no clips or breakable parts. So this is a home accessory that’s designed to last.

Have a tidy bathroom

Another issue with toothpaste tubes is their storage. While it’s nice having your toothpaste tube right on your bathroom sink, for easy access, that brightly colored tube can clash with your bathroom’s aesthetic and make it look untidy. Especially if its cap is regularly missing. With this stylish toothpaste dispenser, however, your toothpaste tube is always right where you need it and in a beautiful container. Finally, the Sophisticated Silver, Elegant Marble, and Classic Wood Finish designs are sure to blend in well with your modern decor.

The UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser is a great choice for families with children and anyone who want to keep their bathroom a little cleaner. It has a beautiful modern design, is easy to install and use, and avoids mess caused by toothpaste spills. If you’re ready for a cleaner bathroom that makes it simpler to maintain good dental hygiene, this is the smart bathroom gadget for you.

The UpKit automatic toothpaste dispenser costs $41.86, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter. What are your favorite tricks for keeping a busy bathroom clean? Let us know about them in the comment section.

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