Tail It trackers help you find missing items anywhere in the world

Some things are too precious to lose. When something of yours goes missing, these GPS tags will help you track down your treasured possession.

Tail It trackers help you find missing items anywhere in the world
  • What is a tracking tile? It’s a small device that attaches to valuable items. When you leave the item behind, the tracker sends an alert to your phone.
  • What is GPS? It stands for global positioning system. It’s the satellite technology that allows your phone to find where you are.
  • What is the best GPS tracker? Being packed with connectivity, Tail It is one of the most complete tracking devices we’ve seen.

Tracking tags have been around for a while now. They are small, key fob-sized devices that are designed to attach to valuable items. Most of them work via a Bluetooth connection with your phone. You are alerted when the tag and the attached item start getting left behind.

The problem is that as soon as you walk out of range, the location of your item is a mystery. Your only hope is to retrace your steps and hope the item is where you left it.

Tail It trackers solve this problem once and for all. These tiny devices use GPS to track your lost item around the world, and they can send live updates to your smartphone. It’s the smart way to find missing items.

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GPS luggage

What is a GPS tracker?

Whereas Bluetooth trackers only work on proximity, a GPS tracker knows its own location at all times. The system relies on satellite technology, which provides coverage around the globe. This means you can track your most valued possessions to the ends of the Earth.

There are several versions of the Tail It tracker. The standard version is slightly larger than a coin. You can attach it to pretty much anything, and the battery lasts for around three weeks. If your item goes missing, the tracker will connect to mobile and Wi-Fi networks to keep you updated.

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The Tail It+ is more like a chunky credit card. The extra bulk means it is better suited to tracking bags and larger items. What you sacrifice in weight, you make up for with battery life. This tracker will keep going for up to eight weeks without charging.

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Instant tracking

Special cases

Along with the general-use tracker, there are two specialist types of Tail It tracker.

The Tail It Pet tracker is designed to fit on the collar of your furry friend. It’s safe for all dogs, cats and other animals, with a waterproof design that can survive the bath.

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Find your pet

Tail It Bike fits inside the tubing of your ride, meaning thieves will never realize they are being tracked. It is also waterproof, with eight weeks of battery life.

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Wireless charging

Every Tail It tracker can be charged wirelessly. There are no subscription fees — you only pay for the SIM card — and the app provides precision mapping.

“In 2018, it’s totally unnecessary to lose your things when a small piece of technology will give you its location within seconds.”

“Stripped down to its essence, Tail It is a tiny GPS tracker with 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, giving you accurate positioning (within 5m) world wide, every time you need it. ” — Tail It on Kickstarter

What we like

Pets and bikes don’t often stay where you left them, so GPS tracking is vital. Furthermore, this wireless charging device offers impressive battery life.

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No-one is stealing this guitar

Future designs

Obviously, the long-term goal will be to reduce the size of the trackers. But for now, they are small enough to be attached to most items.


– Kickstarter: Until July 19th

– Pledge: $85.68 USD

– Delivery: September 2018

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