This digital shipping label helps you affordably transport items while you travel

Air travel isn't what it used to be. But it gets better once you ship your belongings conveniently and affordably with the LugLess Digital Label.

This digital shipping label helps you affordably transport items while you travel
LugLess Digital Label (Image Credit: Anete Lūsiņa via Unsplash)

Many airlines offer fliers their first checked bag for free. But travelers lugging more than two checked bags through the airport may end up paying major cash to get their belongings from point A to point B. That’s where this digital shipping label comes in.

Whether you’re going on a long vacation or a holiday abroad with family, it can be tough to face these baggage fees and be selective about what you can bring on your trip.

For nearly a decade, LugLess has worked tirelessly to alleviate this headache. It provides luggage shipping solutions that are affordable and accessible.

LugLess Digital Shiping Label
LugLess Digital Shipping Label and a smartphone

Go for affordable luggage shipping

Until now, customers could send their luggage directly to their destination for as little as $20. They just needed to print out a label and attach it to their luggage.

Inspired by the ways digital-first innovations have revolutionized how we live, work, and travel, LugLess Recently announced its new Digital Label™. It allows people to book, send, and track items with just their phone—no printer required.

Previously, LugLess users needed a printer to ship their luggage from one destination to another. That proved difficult for a set of users. Because people who were already traveling couldn’t access a printer on the road.

By eliminating the need for a printer, the LugLess Digital Label puts the power of luggage shipping directly in the palm of your hand.

Transport your stuff affordably with this digital shipping label
LugLess Digital Label on a smartphone

Ship larger items like sports equipment and boxes

The LugLess Digital Label isn’t just for luggage, though. Travelers can ship bulky items that are tough to take on a plane—like golf clubs or skis.

The company also ships boxes. So students can easily bring books home at the end of their studies with this digital shipping label. If you have difficulty getting things from one destination to another because of weight or size constraints, LugLess can help.

Compare LugLess to other shipping methods

Whoever said “comparison is the thief of joy” clearly never benefited from LugLess. The platform always finds and compares the lowest possible shipping rates across multiple carriers for each traveler’s itinerary.

Once you make a booking, you can use the LugLess Digital Label at one of more than 2,000 FedEx Office locations, 8,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade stores, or over 5,000 The UPS Stores. This makes it simple to drop off your luggage and hit the road.

Pick up your belongings at your destination or a drop-off location

What’s more, if the hotel or rental at your destination can’t or won’t accept your shipped luggage, these same locations—Duane Reed, FedEx Office, etc— receive and hold it for you. So, yes, you could totally pick up your luggage from a Walgreens.

Ultimately, this digital shipping label is a win-win for every traveler. You get the security of knowing your luggage will be waiting for you when you arrive. And you get the best shipping price on the market.

Travel by air without any luggage

Traveling without baggage is the dream-come-true scenario that LugLess seeks to make a reality. Its luggage shipping options ensure that no one has to haul checked bags from the cab to the counter. They also eliminate those long waits at the baggage claim.

There’s more to managing your luggage than hauling it around the airport and waiting for it to come around on the carousel. The Digital Label eliminates both the cost and the hassle.

LugLess Digital Label review

Support touch-free travel with this convenient luggage option

During the COVID-19 pandemic, convenience became key. Travelers invested more in digital touch-free travel solutions. And waiting to print a label at a hotel’s common printer was anything but that.

“We saw our growth further accelerate since the pandemic began, largely due to people wanting to avoid checking bags for a faster, more contactless airport experience,” said Aaron Kirley, co-president of LugLess.

“Our new Digital Label, which just requires a scan of your phone, makes for the ultimate frictionless, touchless shipping experience.”

With this digital shipping label, travelers can now send a shipment anytime, anywhere with just their phone. At the same time, travelers pay the absolute lowest price while having a touchless experience from beginning to end.

Rest assured that your items are safe

Whether you send luggage to your home, a hotel, or a rental at your location, UPS or FedEx will ensure it arrives safe and sound at your destination. The time frame is around one to five days after you ship it, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

We already mentioned that LugLess users can ship more than just suitcases, but let’s touch on that again. Whether you want to send holiday gifts on your next vacation or take your own set of golf clubs on a business trip, this luggage shipping company makes it happen.

All you have to do is plug your package dimensions into the website, follow the prompts, and ensure the weights are accurate. Then you’re good to go.

Have a frictionless travel experience

Airlines charged $5.9 billion in checked baggage fees in 2019 alone, and that number has only gone up. Travelers use LugLess because they want an easier, cheaper alternative to checking bags with their airline.

That’s the concept that drove the creation of this digital shipping label. As a result, the company developed a frictionless, touchless shipping experience. It ensures travelers focus on the journey, without worrying about their belongings.

Whether you’re traveling with family or by yourself, with one extra suitcase, or three suitcases plus your skis, LugLess’s new Digital Label ensures a paperless, digital-first shipping experience.

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