Qmplete is the only credit card you’ll ever need

The antiquated practice of carrying multiple strips of plastic in your back pocket may soon come to an end. Thanks to the latest chip technology, a single credit card can now replace your entire wallet.

Qmplete is the only credit card you’ll ever need
  • Mobile payments are set to grow by 33.8% over the next five years — but right now, in-store support is still patchy.
  • Coin was the first card that promised to replace our wallets, but that project came to an end in 2016.
  • Qmplete is a new smart credit card that looks set for great things. The card has impressive security features and a built-in touchscreen.

Technological progress has been surprisingly slow in the world of personal finance. While kids can sell virtual gold to fellow World of Warcraft players across the world, the rest of us still fumble for metal coins to pay for our coffee. Given the recent uprising of public opinion against plastic, it seems even sillier to be carrying around 15 cards in your pocket. But before long, you won’t have to. Qmplete is a single, smart credit card that can replace your entire wallet. It works on any regular payment terminal, and it can even save you money.

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Choose your card

The card to replace all cards

In recent times, mobile payments have been growing in popularity. Any phone with NFC technology built in can work with the contactless terminals you find in most big stores.

But away from cities, this technology starts to break down. In smaller towns, you will probably earn some weird looks if you wave your phone around at a grocery store checkout.

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Until mobile payments reach every mom and pop shop in the land, Qmplete is probably your best bet. This card uses a dynamic EMV chip to mimic your credit cards. It works at any regular payment terminal, thanks to a built-in magnetic strip. In addition, the card has an AM-OLED touchscreen that lets you choose between your virtual cards.

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Qmplete convenience

Smart credit card

That super-thin touchscreen is, perhaps, the most important element of Qmplete. You don’t need to open the companion smartphone app at checkout — simply select your card and pay. Qmplete can swipe, chip and pin, or go contactless.

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It works in any terminal

But the smart features don’t end there. Qmplete members can send money to each other securely via the card, and collect reward points. The card even delivers daily deals, with 300k unique offers at any one time.

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Qmplete has good security features

For all these fancy features, Qmplete also does the basics right. The card is super secure, and your credit card numbers are erased if you ever lose your card. Qmplete also offers wireless charging and Bluetooth 4.0.

“QMPLETE is the first card and only card of its type to offer both a dynamic EMV chip and magnetic strip, allowing it to be used wherever payment cards are accepted. QMPLETE also features the thinnest AM-OLED touch screen on the market, as well as integrated near field charging and Bluetooth capability, all in one device as thin as a standard credit card.” — Qmplete.com

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The future of personal finance?

True innovation

Until mobile payments take over the world, Qmplete could be the next major step in personal finance. Being able to leave your wallet at home is a clear benefit for anyone traveling light.

The waiting game

We have seen all-in-one cards before, and not all of them have been successful. Qmplete has the potential to be brilliant, but only time will tell whether the finished product matches the hype.


– Coming Soon: Sign up now at Qmplete.com

– Price: TBA

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