Take the First Step to Fidgeting Freedom With Fidget Cube Today!

Take the First Step to Fidgeting Freedom With Fidget Cube Today!

Most of us fidget with something or the other every day, but we never consider this as a problem. But those around us are often affected because of the constant pen clicking or knee shaking that goes on with us throughout the day. If you ask me, I have been tapping my feet on the floor for years now. Given the fact that I live in a multi-storied apartment, this was a lot of concern for those who live on the floor beneath mine which eventually turned into a concern for my family when they started getting complaints regarding this minor issue. Well, it wasn’t that trivial to anyone except me I guess. And that happens to be the case with most of us who fidget some way or the other. But have you ever wondered why we do it at all? Why does our subconscious mind prefer engaging in some casual activity when we try to focus on something important? If not us, the brothers Matthew and Mark McLachlan from Antsy Labs certainly did which is what led to the concept behind Fidget Cube.

Focus More With This Desk Toy

Just like the name suggests, Fidget Cube is a vinyl desk toy that helps you enhance your focus without bothering anyone else. It’s a portable desk toy for anyone who likes to fidget. The possibilities of putting this device to good use are endless. You could be at a lecture or traveling for work or waiting for someone at the bus terminal – Fidget Cube can keep you engaged and be more focused in a pretty simple way.


Six Sides = Endless Fidgeting!

Operating Fidget Cube is super simple. It has got six sides with different features you can use to fidget with. They start with “Click” which gives you three clicker buttons and two silent buttons to satisfy the clicker in you. That annoying “pen clicking” noise can be put to rest forever! Next, comes “Glide” that will give you the unusual pleasure of gliding a joystick anywhere on the go. Third is “Flip” that will allow you to flip a switch back and forth either gently if you want to fidget silently or quickly if you prefer that particular audible noise.


There is another side called “Breathe” for those who like worry stones. This will reduce anxiety when rubbed. Fifth is “Roll,” the gears and ball of which are all about rolling movements (with the ball sporting a built-in click feature).

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Finally, the “Spin” is for those who prefer a circular fidget. Altogether, these six sides will make your everyday fidgeting problems a more focused and productive activity of the day. Who wouldn’t want that!

Fidget Cube Desk Toy

Fidget Like a Pro

There are no limits to where you can use this cube and that’s the joy of having one in your pocket or bag. The purpose was to provide a tangible way to capture your floating attention, regardless of whether you fidget consciously or subconsciously. Available in 10 amazing colors, Fidget Cube is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter starting at a price of $19 each. You would be surprised to know that their campaign has already raised $5,636,310 that is much, much bigger as compared to their $15,000 goal.


With nearly two more weeks to go, we expect those numbers to rise even more! After all, we will never stop fidgeting, and the Fidget Cube just makes the whole process justifiable. At least, no one will ever complain while you fidget with it as compared to those endless hours you’ve spent popping “Bubble Wraps.” Well, if not bubble wraps, what have you fidgeted with till date?

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