The Protean modular iPhone case is more than meets the eye

The Protean modular iPhone case is more than meets the eye

The iPhone is arguably the best smartphone on the market. With each new edition, it comes with more features and innovation. However, despite all of the upgrades, the iPhone retains its iconic aesthetic year after year. It leaves us desiring very little. For this reason, the Protean modular iPhone case:
– gives you an extra battery boost
– has modular accessories
– offers all-around protection
– retains the minimalist design of the iPhone

Modular iPhone Case

Built for the iPhone 6S, 7, and 7 Plus, the Protean case is available as a Slim model and a Battery model. The Slim, as you expect, is delightfully sleek and elegant. It offers all-over protection for your every day. However, the Protean Battery case really delivers. Equipped with a built-in 2400 mAh battery, you get an additional 12 hours of talking and texting and selfie-taking. It also features TurboCharge and pass-through charging capability. Not only does the case charge at Lightning speed, it also allows your smartphone to charge simultaneously. Even with the additional battery, the Protean Battery case adds less than 5mm to the length of your device.

The Protean modular iPhone case is more than meets the eye

Magnetic Technology

However, the Protean case boosts your iPhone with more than just power. Both the Slim and the Battery use MagTec to attach convenient accessories directly to your iPhone. Included in the Protean MagTec range is a photography kit, an Anywhere Mount, an identity protection wallet, and a LoopStand. The photography kit includes macro and fisheye lenses complete with scratch-resistant glass. The Anywhere Mount can hold your phone at the right height anywhere with built-in rare earth magnets. The wallet blocks RFID, NFC, and magnetic forces while the LoopStand gives you extra dexterity.

The Protean modular iPhone case is more than meets the eye

Total Protection

Both models of the Protean case use the same shock-absorbing material on all sides. Additionally, the cases feature raised edges to also protect the screen of your iPhone. Even with this, the Protean case mimics the exact shape of your iPhone. The Battery model weighs just 105 grams and the Slim 49 grams.

The Protean modular iPhone case is more than meets the eye

What We ❤️️

So many cases transform the look of the iPhone. The Protean retains the style but adds loads of new features to really supercharge your device.

Future Designs

The only thing we would add to the Protean case is more accessories! We can’t wait to see what else this company will come up with.

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Indiegogo: until June
– Pledge: Slim: $29 Battery: $49
– Gadget Flow members get the Protean Battery and the Anywhere Mount for only $60!
– Delivery: August 2017

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