This eco-friendly travel bag converts into 3 entirely different styles

Most convertible travel bags don't actually change their shape or appearance. Get a bag that transforms completely into a handbag, daypack, and backpack with the DAKOTA.

This eco-friendly travel bag converts into 3 entirely different styles
DAKOTA makes a great handbag

Choose a better bag for your travels with the DAKOTA fully convertible bag. This eco-friendly travel bag becomes 3 beautiful different items and transforms in seconds. That way, you can rely on just one bag to take you from the airport to dinner.

You want to maximize your suitcase space to avoid paying those overweight luggage fees while traveling. But when you need to bring multiple bags with you, there’s not much extra room to save.

And that’s where the DAKOTA comes in. This practical 3-in-1 bag is an authentic convertible bag, meaning it changes its size and shape, not just its strap placement, to adapt to your needs. Let’s have a look at it.

Convert this versatile bag into 3 entirely different styles

Your bag needs to change throughout the day while you travel. Maybe you’d like a backpack for a morning stroll through the market, while in the evening you want only a small handbag.

With this eco-friendly travel bag, you’ll always have the right bag for the occasion. And the changes are simple. To transform your backpack into a handbag, just remove the shoulder straps and fold it. You’ll then close the bottom straps and attach the handle.

When you want to turn the handbag into a daypack, take out the bottom straps and put the shoulder straps back on. That’s it.

DAKOTA is a stylish handbag

Enjoy different features with each style

Since the 3 bags are different, they each have their own features. There are 27 features in all, so we’ll highlight some of them here.

The handbag

The handbag is ideal when you want to move around with the minimal amount of stuff. It boasts a petite size, a premium branded lining, and a detachable chain handle.

Meanwhile, you get plenty of organization from 2 main internal compartments and 2 internal pockets. With up to 12 liters of storage space, it will fit all your large EDC items and travel documents.

The backpack

The DAKOTA backpack frees up your hands, giving you the flexibility to take photos and videos. What’s more, this eco-friendly travel bag’s backpack style provides plenty of room for your essentials.

Yes, there’s a 15.6-inch laptop compartment with a waterproof layer and even a jacket or yoga mat holder. With a padded back panel and lightweight design, it’s comfortable for sightseeing.

The daypack

For all daily activities, the daypack has you covered. It has a stylish zippered top, allowing you quick and easy access.

But don’t worry, not all access is easy. This leisure bag has an antitheft pocket in the back where you can securely store cash, cards, and an ID.

Then, an expandable bottom gives you more room if you need it. Finally, the luggage strap allows this eco-friendly travel bag to fit easily atop your rolling suitcase.

DAKOTA product video

Go for a sustainable travel bag

You won’t have to worry about your environmental impact when you go for this convertible travel bag because the company says it relies on sustainable materials. In fact, it constructed its bags using only tested and certified ecological materials.

For style, the creators opted for DMF-free, water-based PU leather. It’s 100% vegan and nontoxic, and it resists abrasion, cold, and aging while maintaining a beautiful look and soft touch.

For a practical fabric, the company went with RPET. It’s a high-quality polyester created from recycled plastic bottles. This material has a soft look and feel, and it complies with the Global Recycled Standard.

Carry your jacket or yoga mat with ease

Tote your yoga mat in style with the backpack’s elegant yoga mat holder, located in the front as a large compartment with side zippers.

You can also use it to carry a jacket or sweater when you need to remove a layer. Or, use it to carry a bag of liquids through airport security.

Know where your things are with the smart zipper pockets

You won’t have to wonder where your belongings are when you switch bag styles thanks to the smart zippered pockets. With these pockets, everything stays as you left it. The bag features two of them: one on the inside for things like money, keys, and chargers, and one on the outside for items you need quickly, like your smartphone.

Use this convertible bag in any situation

The great thing about the DAKOTA bag is that it’s not just for travel. With its convertible shape and multipurpose functionality, it also makes a great go-to bag for shopping, commuting, working, and yoga sessions. If you need to use a bag for a situation, you can use the DAKOTA.

Save luggage space

We touched on this at the beginning, but it’s worth repeating; this sustainable travel bag saves you space while you travel. Instead of packing 3 different bags for a trip, bring only the DAKOTA.

Check out the essential accessories

Moreover, this bag has accessories that improve its comfort and use: a leather backpack handle, chain handbag handle, and weight reducer. So you can use this bag knowing you’ve got everything you need to keep it useful.

Make every trip more stylish

Whether you’re jetting off to Paris for a girls’ weekend or commuting to work, this eco-friendly travel bag gives you an instant style boost. The design for each of the 3 bags is feminine and elegant. they’re stylish pieces you’ll be proud to carry everywhere.

The DAKOTA is an ideal travel bag, combining 3 completely different bags in 1 convertible design. What’s more, the PU leather and RPET materials keep it sustainable. Add it to your wardrobe for a unique, conscious fashion accessory.

Preorder the DAKOTA fully convertible bag for about $385 on Indiegogo. What are some of your favorite travel accessories? Let us know about them in the comments.

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