Get the Ultimate Fit with Crisp Clothing’s Quality Custom Shirts

Get the Ultimate Fit with Crisp Clothing’s Quality Custom Shirts

The incredible variety of human shapes around the world cannot reasonably be categorized into small, medium and large. Yet these crude labels represent the only choices available for most brands. You find yourself deciding between baggy hips and seam-busting shoulders… or vice versa. While most of us cannot afford traditional tailored shirts, Crisp Clothing wants to make custom apparel truly accessible. This new brand uses AI and 3D tailoring technology to deliver premium shirts that fit perfectly.

– Uses your weight and height to calculate your measurements

– Each shirt is hand crafted from 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton

– Over 1000 custom options and “perfect fit guarantee”

Ultimate Fit

For most men, clothes shopping is not a pleasurable experience. It’s something to endure rather than enjoy. Ordering online is preferable; visits to bricks-and-mortar stores should only be undertaken in the name of finding something that fits. Tailor shops add a whole new level of horror. Standing in awkward positions while a stranger measures your anatomy is not fun.

After centuries of this discomfort, men finally have an alternative solution. Crisp Clothing uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to estimate your measurements based on your height and weight. After customizing your garment, you can sit back and wait for your handmade shirt to arrive. It’s custom clothing without the tape measure.

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Intelligent Tailoring

Even the most experienced human tailor would struggle to make a shirt without comprehensive measurements. But Crisp Clothing can work these miracles thanks to some innovative technology from a startup named BodyLabs.

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This company develops software that can estimate the shape of any human from limited data. In this case, you need only input your height and weight. The AI does the rest, calling on a huge database of body scans. By comparing your basic measurements with those of other people, Crisp Clothing can accurately guess your physique.

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The cut should be nigh-on perfect. But even if you need a slight adjustment, Crisp will cover the cost.

Fully Customized

In addition, this brand gives you so many options. You can choose from various styles of material, six collar shapes, four cuff styles, and three pocket options. You can also choose the type of placket you want. The shirts are available with both long and short sleeves.

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Quality Custom Clothing

Perhaps the best part about traditional tailored clothing is the craftsmanship. Your shirt is made by skilled hands, not some greasy machine. Furthermore, the materials used are significantly softer and more durable than those used by high-street brands.

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While Crisp relies on technology at the fitting stage, the shirts are actually made by hand in Mumbai, India. The factory in question has been making quality apparel for 20 years. The material used is 100% Egyptian Giza cotton — one of the finest yarns in the world.

“When we founded Crisp Clothing, we founded a brand new way for men to buy shirts today. Our mission is to offer perfect fitting custom shirts which are both affordable and easily accessible. So men, say goodbye to imperfect fits and high prices. It’s time for the rebirth of the custom shirt.” — Crisp Clothing on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

The perfect mix of traditional tailoring skill and modern technology. Clothes shopping doesn’t get better than this.

Future Designs

Bringing this idea to other garments would allow us to go fully custom!


– Kickstarter: Until August 28th

Pledge: $74 USD

Deal: Gadget Flow members get 10% off!

Delivery: October 2017

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