3 FIT Theory shirts provide the ultimate fit

All too often, big-name clothing brands only cater for people with particular body types. In contrast, 3 FIT Theory makes T-shirts that provide the ultimate fit whether you’re XS or XXXL.

3 FIT Theory shirts provide the ultimate fit
  • Why do T-shirts of the same size vary so much? Shirts are made to a certain cut and grade. Two shirts can be the same grade, but have a different cut.
  • What is the difference between cut and grade? Cut is the shape of the shirt. Grade is what we commonly call the size (e.g. S, M, L).
  • How do I find the right T-shirt for me? Instead of shopping at the big-name retailers, try 3 FIT Theory. This brand aims to cover every body type with a range of stylish T-shirts.

Most men have a conflicted relationship with fashion. They want to look good, but don’t necessarily want to spend much time thinking about clothes. Tall, athletic dudes can get away with this frame of mind, because most brands produce apparel that looks great on model-like physiques. For the rest of us, however, finding the right clothes can be a nightmare.

The folks behind 3 FIT Theory want to change that. This new brand concentrates on T-shirts, but aims to deliver something for everyone.

How do you get the ultimate fit from a T-shirt?

Even if you take into account your body type, there is no single cut that will fit everyone. Some people like to show off their frame, while others prefer the baggy look.

body types - 3 FIT Theory shirts provide the ultimate fit

3 FIT Theory makes T-shirts for all body types

That’s why 3 FIT Theory sends you several different fits to try on at home. You can then keep the ones that work for you, and send back the ones that don’t.

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body types - 3 FIT Theory shirts provide the ultimate fit

3 FIT Theory lets you choose from several colors

Once you’ve chosen the perfect fit, you can unlock a variety of colors. In future, the company also plans to offer a variety of new fabrics and styles. Anyone who backs the Kickstarter will automatically gain lifetime access to the new additions.

Not just a good fit

While many T-shirts look good when you first purchase them, some start to shrink and pill after the first few weeks. Although 3 FIT Theory concentrates on fit, this brand is also about quality.

These T-shirts are made from a special blend of cotton and polyester that is quick to dry, resistant to wrinkling, and good at wicking away moisture. Just as importantly, these shirts won’t shrink over time — the fit you choose is the fit you get.

3 FIT Theory shirts are made in Los Angeles, and all the returned shirts go straight to local charities. You can’t get more wholesome than that.

“We want people to have an amazing experience. We want people to love the clothes they wear, every day. We’re tired of the bulls%^t this industry produces and puts forth, and we’re finally in a place to do something about it.” — 3 FIT Theory on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

While there are many T-shirt brands in the world, few provide the same level of service as 3 FIT Theory. Furthermore, this company delivers truly great apparel at a reasonable price.

body types - 3 FIT Theory shirts provide the ultimate fit

3 FIT Theory shirts are made in the USA

Starting small

In this Kickstarter campaign, 3 FIT Theory is only offering crew-cut shirts. However, backing the campaign will give you access to several other styles, launching later this year.

Update: You can now order directly from 3 Fit Theory via the link below.


– Order now: via 3fittheory.com

– Price: $25 USD

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