Wacù Is a Tiny Vacuum That Will Save Space in Your Suitcase

Wacù Is a Tiny Vacuum That Will Save Space in Your Suitcase

Apart from Mary Poppins, most of us struggle to pack our bags. Even after carefully whittling down your wardrobe and folding each garment neatly, your suitcase might not shut without some force. Worse still, you have to repeat this process at the end of your vacation. But now, there is a better way. Wacù is a tiny vacuum that lets you save space by sucking the air out of your clothes. Furthermore, it’s small enough to take with you.

– Vacuum sucks air out of your clothes, meaning you can store more garments in less space

– Comes with universal power adapter for EU, UK, US, and AUS

– Compact size means you can take Wacù away on vacation

Save Space

Vacuum bags are air-tight containers that provide compact clothes storage at home. You simply insert your clothes, and use a regular vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. This form of storage should also be great for travel — problem is, you can’t easily transport your vacuum cleaner around the world.

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That’s where Wacù comes in. This tiny vacuum can suck your clothes flat at home and abroad. It fits comfortably in your luggage, and the supplied power adapter works all over the world.

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It means you can take that extra change of clothes for your business trip, or travel with only a carry-on bag.

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Traveling Light

To make use of Wacù vacuum, you will need a Wacù bag. These flexible sacks come in various sizes, accommodating apparel and other squishy items. They are made to fit inside most standard suitcases, and they are just as useful around the house.

The double-layer skin should ensure your bags suffer no slow punctures. In addition, there are several styles to choose from. Some travelers might appreciate the vintage look, while others could be enticed by the sports theme.

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Whether these designs are better than something see-through is highly debatable. It would be useful to see which bag holds what, for instance. That said, the bags look nice enough and the valve dovetails perfectly with the vacuum.

Tiny Vacuum

Sucking the air out of a pile of clothes takes some serious power. Yet Wacù manages to squeeze a mini cyclone into six inches.

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Technically speaking, the device actually measures just 5.6 inches long and 3.2 inches wide. That’s smaller than most compact cameras. As a result, you should have no problem finding room for the vacuum in all the extra space it has created.

The supplied power adapter works in Europe, the US, the UK, Australia, and other countries that share these sockets. Consequently, you shouldn’t find yourself with a massive pile of unvacuumed clothes!

“Wacù is your new travel companion: a practical little portable vacuum device able to make each trip a pleasure. Take Wacù everywhere with you for a perfect vacuum result in just minutes. Keep your home and suitcase in perfect order, with no fear of the return journey. Just plug in Wacù and use it wherever you like…Wacù vacuums out the air on its own, with no need for you to hold it in place during the process.” — Wacù on Amazon

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What We ❤️

More time to spend soaking up the sun, rather than packing in your hotel room.

Future Designs

Some reviews suggest a slight lack of power. An upgrade in future versions would be appreciated.


– Order now: via Amazon

– Price: $50 USD

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