Yumit – Interactive Meal Set for Kids

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Kids are tough when it comes to food, but Yumit gets them eating by turning dinner into a fun and interactive game. Although it mat look like a typical placemat, Yumit is a smart placemat that senses and weighs how much your child eats, sends this data to the app, and transforms it into virtual energy for fun games. So, the more the child eats, the more games they get to play. With such a fun system, kids will be eating spinach in no time. The placemat is available in a variety of colors and, because its designed for kids, is made of anti-slip materials such as heat-resistant silicone and has rounded edges. In addition to the placemat, the set includes stainless steel and silicone cutlery of one fork, knife, and spoon. Get your kids to scarf down their Brussel sprouts with Yumit.

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