The Mirobot Makes Programming Easy And Fun For Kids

The Mirobot Makes Programming Easy And Fun For Kids

Programming is an essential skill for children to learn. For most kids, typing endless lines of codes and configuring boards is not their idea of fun. This has always been the problem with getting children on board with technology.

Now there’s a new way to help the new, young generation understand the concept behind programming without the complex components that come with the digital language.

The Mirobot kit

WiFi Robotics for Kids

The Mirobot is a simple robotics kit for young learners. It teaches mechanical design and can be taught to make drawings. All hardware and software are open and customizable. At first glance, you’ll notice that the device is kid-friendly. The parts lock into place and do not require hazardous tools to attach.

The gadget is very inviting and safe. There are no pegs that can get lost or clunky antennas. Wirings are kept neat and direct. No soldering required.

The Mirobot kids learning

Mechanical Design

Building the robot is only half the fun. The most intriguing aspect is teaching the device (in this case and boxy turtle) to draw shapes. All the controls are web-based, making it accessible for kids who want to work on the Mirobot at home. From a hardware perspective, the pen or marker attaches to the small machine, directly pointing down on the paper. Four batteries power the device and an Arduino board is exposed at the front of the frame.

The Mirobot comparison

Unlimited Fun with Apps

The Mirobot comes with a range of apps that children can modify and use as their own. Learning curves for the modules vary from simple to extremely complex. For full control, kids have the option to set pen movements, angles and turns. The device also comes equipped with built-in sensors for sensitive collision features. Eventually, the robot would be able to trace lines as well.

Overall, the Mirobot is a revolutionary learning platform for kids that provides hours of excitement.

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