6 Alexa-compatible gadgets that will make your life easier

Life with Amazon Alexa is great. By integrating your voice with technology, you have unprecedented control to manage everything around you. Here are the latest Alexa-compatible gadgets you need at home.

6 Alexa-compatible gadgets that will make your life easier
  • How many skills does Alexa have? She started with 10,000 skills but that number has grown to 30,000 in the US. Clearly, Alexa is a fast learner.
  • What is Amazon Alexa good for? There’s more to Alexa than meets the eye. She actually knows different languages and can offer you real-time calculations.
  • Can you access Alexa even while you’re driving? Thanks to Garmin, you can now navigate with Alexa in your car.

Since its debut a few years ago, Amazon Alexa is no longer confined to Echo speakers. In fact, tons of smart devices are turning up with Alexa ready to serve you. From your home to your office to life on the go, this intelligent assistant is just a command away at all times. Here are some of the coolest Alexa-compatible gadgets on the market, ready to make your life easier.

Yamaha WX-021BL MusicCast 20 Wireless Speaker

Designed to work independently or in a group, you can use multiple MusicCast speakers to listen to music throughout your entire home. Similarly, you can stream and control several rooms via the MusicCast app. All it takes is your voice to get the tunes going.

Why we love it: Yamaha music quality coupled with Alexa makes the life of an audiophile better than ever.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Alexa Streaming Box

This hands-free media player provides an all-inclusive entertainment experience thanks to the smart assistant inside. Simply tell Alexa what you want to watch and the Fire TV Cube turns on your TV plays it. Offering 4K Ultra HD and HDR, the box brings TV shows and movies to life with its exceptional colors and contrast.

Why we love it: It actually switches your TV on and eliminates the need for your remote.

Echo Look Amazon Alexa Camera

This nifty device uses the power of Alexa to become your personal fashion assistant. Using your voice, you can activate this camera system to take a full-length photo of your outfit. With machine learning and algorithms, you can see how your outfit matches up to current trends.

Why we love it: You’ll always step out of your house in full fashion confidence.

TrackR Pixel Compact Bluetooth Tracker

Alexa makes finding your lost items simpler than ever. You can use your phone to find your items or press the TrackR to also find your phone. You can also use TrackR’s Find My Phone skill with any Amazon Alexa compatible device.

Why we love it: The device has a global network to help you find anything anywhere.

Xiaomi Mi Touch Control Bedside Lamp

Offering an impressive 16 million colors, this lamp adds a unique touch to your bedside table. Now you can easily match the lighting to your mood or activity. Set it for reading, gaming or your other bedroom activities with a simple command to Alexa.

Control Bedside Lamp

Control Bedside Lamp

Why we love it: Now you can set the mood from anywhere in the room with your voice.

Netgear Orbi Tri-Band Cable Modem Router

This system offers incredibly fast Tri-band Wi-Fi and comes with auto-updates to keep it working its fastest. Likewise, FastLane3 and DOCSIS 3.0 technology provide maximum performance as well as smooth connections that are free of interruptions. Alexa comes in when you want to do things like turn on guest Wi-Fi or adjust your settings.

Tri-Band Cable Modem Router

Tri-Band Cable Modem Router

Why we love it: You never have to fiddle with guest connections again.

What else would you like to control with your voice? Share with us in the comments below.

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