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Summer vacation must-haves for 2018

Ringo Starr is finally a knight. He was knighted yesterday by Prince William, 14 years after Paul McCartney. Truly delighted, Starr says of his new medal, he’ll even “wear it at breakfast.” The duo who made smartphones possible finally reaped... Continue Reading

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How to boost your internet connection at home

For the first time ever, a self-driving car has killed a pedestrian. However, the police are saying that Uber’s fully autonomous vehicle may not be at fault. If you’re looking for more computer storage, your search may be over. Nimbus... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Do smart home control systems make life more efficient?

Apple is at it again — they’re using a secret facility to develop MicroLED displays. Designed for the Apple Watch, they offer better contrast, viewing angles, and power efficiency. IBM is pushing the boundaries once more with a computer that... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Do sci-fi movies offer a glimpse of the future?

At one time, human-like robots were nothing more than science fiction. In 2018, they are entering the uncanny valley. History has proven that sci-fi stories predict certain future technologies — here are just a few examples. But some people argue... Continue Reading

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Can education technology shape the future of learning?

Yesterday, students around the USA rallied together for #WalkoutWednesday — they walked out of school to honor the victims of the recent Parkland school shooting as well as call for action on gun violence. Recent studies show that fitness levels... Continue Reading

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Crowdfunding campaigns we loved in March

Now you can review crowdfunding campaigns you really like and earn money at the same time. Check out our latest lab project – Crowdinsight. If you are an aspiring crowdfunding enthusiast, don’t forget to listen to our podcasts for the... Continue Reading

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