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Product Roundups

8 summer gadgets you didn’t know you needed

When does summer begin and end? In the northern hemisphere, summer started on June 21st and will end on September 22nd. Are we getting a heatwave this summer? In the US, yes. Record temperatures are sweeping across the country. What... Continue Reading

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9 gadgets to satisfy your inner gamer

What is the hottest game in 2018? Right now, Fortnite is killing it. The iOS version made $100m in the first 90 days. What big new games are coming soon? Look out for Fallout 76, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus,... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

6 Alexa-compatible gadgets that will make your life easier

How many skills does Alexa have? She started with 10,000 skills but that number has grown to 30,000 in the US. Clearly, Alexa is a fast learner. What is Amazon Alexa good for? There’s more to Alexa than meets the... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

7 Smart home cleaning gadgets to do the hard work for you

How much time do we spend cleaning the house? According to statistics, the average American spends nearly an hour a day cleaning. How can we cut down on outdoor cleanup time? Thanks to robotics, there are specific pool cleaning robots... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

6 gadgets every photographer should have

Is there a camera you can fly? Yes! The Hover Camera is a compact camera that looks like a drone but isn’t. It’s actually a high-quality camera that can fly. Which iPhone lens is best for mastering mobile photography? Here... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

8 Smart bikes to make your commute easier than ever

Is biking to work better than driving? It depends on your commute. It can save you from traffic jams and cramped subway rides. Regardless, biking to work has actually increased by 60% in the last decade, which does help the... Continue Reading

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