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10 Most expensive gadgets we’ve seen at CES 2019

What were the products we loved most at CES 2019? To catch you up on all things CES 2019, here’s our list of some of the best products we saw. Other than VR and robots, which other categories were popular at CES..

Product Roundups

8 Alexa-enabled gadgets we can’t wait to use from CES 2019

What can Alexa do? Summoning knowledge from a smart speaker is nothing short of futuristic. But, Amazon Alexa is so much more than an information relay system. What’s the latest Alexa feature? Other than whispering, Alexa is now going to..

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Apple HomeKit compatible gadgets were all the rage at CES

What were some of the best product announcements from CES 2019? LG stole the show with an even better display than past years and even wowed us with a rollable TV. But, they weren’t the only ones to impress us..

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How will smart vehicles change the way we travel?

What are the big trends in automotive tech? CES 2019 offered an array of useful tech for drivers and entertainment options for passengers. Are EVs better than gasoline-powered cars? Depends on your needs. While EVs cannot yet match the range..

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Best of CES 2019 – The 30 best gadgets from the biggest tech trade show

When is the next CES happening? Like every year, CES 2020 will start on January 07, 2020 and end on January 10, 2020. A week packed with innovation and breakthrough technologies! Which was the most-trending non-tech topic at CES 2019?..

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CES 2019 Day 4 highlights – Alexa router speaker, a humanoid robot, and more

Who are the CES 2019 Innovation Award Honorees? Like every year, CES values innovative and exquisite design in the field of technology. Here are this year’s must-see honorees. What are the best booths at CES 2019? From Bell’s air taxi..

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