9 Essentials for your winter weekend getaway

With winter comes the magic of snow, the wonder of the holidays, the coziness of a warm fire, but also the bitter cold air. You can totally enjoy the great outdoors even in the winter; you just have to be prepared.

9 Essentials for your winter weekend getaway
  • How can you keep your home at the perfect temperature this winter? With a smart thermostats, you can control the temperature of your home down to the degree.
  • Which fire pit should you get this year? If you like music, you’re going to enjoy the Music City fire pit. The patented technology in every Music City Fire Pit takes your connected music and creates a dynamic fire show with flames that react to the beat of the music.
  • Where can you find more winter necessities? From smart jackets to snow removal tools, you can find more winter necessities from our dedicated category here.

While everyone else dreams of a tropical island, you might be dreaming of a winter weekend getaway involving a lot more snow. Whether you ski, snowboard, snowshoe, or simply enjoy the cold, it’s imperative that you stay bundled and warm.

Check out these nine winter essentials to keep you warm and cozy from your toes to the top of your head.

Ravean Down X Heated Jacket

Winter fashion is all about heavy jackets and woolen fabrics. The Ravean Down X combines form and function. It not only looks great, but it also heats your back, chest, and pockets as you need. Offering comfortable temperatures between -10°F to 55°F, the Down X Heated Jacket lets you choose the exact zone and internal temperature you like.

Mujjo 3M Thinsulate Touchscreen Gloves

Browsing your device during winter usually means sacrificing feeling in your fingers. But, if you have the perfect gloves, you can browse to your heart’s content while staying warm. These five-finger touchscreen-enabled gloves by Mujjo feature a stretchy profile that comfortably fits your hand. Designed to work in any situation, the touchscreen gloves use a fabric with a high conductive treatment.

9 Essentials for your winter weekend getaway - Mujjo 3M Thinsulate Touchscreen Gloves

The stretchy design fits your hands comfortably

Threadsmiths Merino Base Layer T-Shirts

Made from Polartec® PowerWool™, these base layers are ideal for wearing throughout the year. Threadsmiths isolated a merino wool interior and a synthetic fiber exterior to develop a hybrid fabric that boasts numerous benefits. You can easily wear these underneath your clothes to keep yourself warm without wearing extra bulk.

Sound Huggle Wireless Headphone Earmuffs

In the winter months, it’s time to ditch the earbuds. Enter Sound Huggle. With this headset, you can enjoy your favorite audio no matter how cold the weather. This clever wearable combines two commuter must-haves: entertainment and comfort. The Sound Huggle is a set of earmuffs with a built-in audio system. Or, is it a set of headphones with built-in earmuffs?

9 Essentials for your winter weekend getaway - Sound Huggle Wireless Headphone Earmuffs

Entertainment and comfort in one

Wireless Musical Beanie

In a delightfully classic beanie style, this hat is large enough to cover your ears from the winter cold. But, its modest looks are actually concealing a built-in music system. Complete with on-board controls, this hat pumps the tunes right through the polyester material and into your ears.

9 Essentials for your winter weekend getaway - Wireless Musical Beanie

Perfect gift for the music lovers

The Ultimate All-Weather Coat

Using similar technology as the large outdoor brands and applying it to the fashion industry, each of these coats is equipped with a 5000/3000 membrane and a DWR treatment to keep the wind and water out. All designs are timeless and modern to stylishly pair form and function.

Rone Mini Portable Heater

This device combines a mini heater and detachable hand warmer in one, helping you to keep warm at any time. TheRone Mini is perfect for anyone who gets cold hands easily. And, with the compact and portable design, you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

Thermacell Heated Insoles

This foot warmer offers convenient remote operation, no wires or external batteries, and at least 2,500 hours of toasty heat to warm cold feet for about four winters of heavy use. Just add them to your shoes and keep your feet feeling cozy and warm in any weather.

9 Essentials for your winter weekend getaway - Thermacell Heated Insoles

These insoles will last you four winters

Comfort Touch Invisible Heating Scarf

Made from soft wool, this luxurious scarf warms you up in just 20 seconds. Featuring a stylish and classic design, the Comfort Touch scarf combines wool with modern technology. With a touch of a button, you’ll feel the instant warmth.

Which of these accessories are you going to use this winter? Share with us in the comments below.

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