Amazon Prime Day tips: shop smart and save big

Navigating Amazon Prime Day deals can be overwhelming with so many offers. My expert tips will help you shop like a pro and snag the best bargains!

Amazon Prime Day tips: shop smart and save big
Get the best deals with these tips & tricks / Image Credit:, Unsplash

Amazon’s Prime Day event is scheduled for July 16–17. Like every year, Amazon Prime members can score epic deals on top-tier brands. But with millions of discounts scattered across 35 product categories, how can people find what they want at the best possible prices? I’m here to help with Gadget Flow’s Amazon Prime Day Tips.

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After covering Amazon’s discount events for nearly 5 years, I have my own strategies for navigating the avalanche of deals. From list-making to fact-checking, I share my actual shopping plans below! And I’m also calling in the experts: Consumer Reports, Wired, and Business Insider all have great insights and I’m including my favorites.

Ready to get the very best prices on the products you love? Keep reading!

1. Know the facts about Prime Day 2024

When I’m planning my Amazon Prime Day shopping, I’m careful to note the facts about the day. Amazon’s webpage is quite informative, detailing:

The dates: July 16–16

The time: Deals will drop starting at 3 a.m. Eastern time on July 16, though some sales have already begun.

The how: During certain periods, new deals will drop as frequently as every 5 minutes. Prime members can access invite-only deals (you can request an invitation), and some deals are also available to non-Prime customers.

2. Plan your shopping time

With the information above, I can plan the best times to shop. For instance, because I’m often up at 3 a.m., catching the first deals is feasible, so I can organize my schedule accordingly.

However, If you’re asleep at 3 a.m. —like a normal person—requesting one of the invite-only deals is a good strategy. For now, Amazon has noted that it will offer exclusive, invite-only discounts on Sony Wireless Headphones and Peloton products.

Also, don’t forget that some deals are available now, so you can shop and save big before the Prime Day frenzy.

Moreover, I set a goal for how much time I want to spend shopping and set a timer. I could easily spend the entire 2 days shopping, but with the timer running in the background, I have a better idea of how long I’ve been online.

Amazon Prime Day tips: shop smart and save big
Amazon App on a smartphone / Image Credit: Christian Wiediger, Unsplash

3. Download the Amazon App

Wired recommends downloading the Amazon App. On it, Prime members can see lightning deals before they become active in the Amazon App. If you have the stamina for these deals (sometimes only a few hours long), you could save big on things like skin & makeup products or toys.

It’s important to know that lightning deals are essentially impulse purchases. However, the app can let you know about them in advance, giving you more time to think and plan.

3. Concentrate on Amazon product categories

Another of my tried-and-true tips is to focus on the product categories you want to shop from. Because my kids need new tablets and headphones for school in August, I know I should spend most of my time in the back-to-school tech category.

But your needs might be different from mine. Whether you’re getting a head-start on your 2024 Christmas shopping or want to upgrade your home with the latest smart gadgets, it’s helpful to know—and make a list of—the categories you want to consider before you get on Amazon.

Doing so saves time and keeps your eye on the prize, so to speak. You’ll be less likely to stray from your original shopping goals if you’ve mapped them out beforehand.

Amazon Prime Day 2024
People shopping online / Image Credit: Surface, Unsplash

4. Check the product’s model

It’s easy to immediately click ‘buy’ when the tablet you’ve had your eye on for months costs just $80, but be careful. Amazon and other sellers tend to offer steeper discounts on older models.

So, while you might be able to get that Kindle Fire for a song, its OS might run slowly and, eventually, stop receiving updates soon after you buy it. That’s not a worthwhile purchase.

Additionally, PCMag says that shoppers should look closely at deals from big-name brands, like Samsung TVs, for example. While Samsung makes incredible televisions, not every model has top-of-the-line features or specs. For that reason, it’s a good idea to read them before you buy.

5. Compare prices at other stores

Consumer Reports reminds us that Amazon isn’t the only retailer offering summer sales. Target is running its Circle Week the week before Prime Day and Walmart will also have sales during July 16–17. So shoppers have more than just one discount option. It may be worth checking if the product you want is cheaper elsewhere.

I often make two shopping lists: one at Amazon and one at another store. After I account for taxes and shipping, I always go for the cheaper one—and it’s not always Amazon.

Is Prime Day worth it?

That depends on your goals. Prime Day has some of the lowest prices you’ll see all year, but that’s if you’re a member. If you sign up for Prime but then forget to cancel the subscription, you’ll have to pay the membership fee month after month until you catch it on a bill.

Meanwhile, because there are so many deals across various categories, searching for them quickly becomes overwhelming. You could very easily search for, in hopes of finding a better deal, and never find it.

So, if you’re serious about saving on Prime Day, it’s best to go in with a plan. And the Amazon Prime Day tips above certainly offer food for thought. Do you have any awesome Prime Day shopping tips? If so, I’d love to hear about them! Drop me a line in the comments :)

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