Are dual-screen laptops the future of on-the-go systems?

Move over foldable smartphones, the dual-screen laptop has taken center stage for consumers. While the technology and idea isn’t new, the trend has only recently become popular. Here’s everything you need to know about dual-screen laptops, who they’re for, and which one you should buy.

Are dual-screen laptops the future of on-the-go systems?
  • Why are dual-screen laptops suddenly so popular? While the design isn’t new, Computex 2019 was chock full of innovative dual-screen devices.
  • Will we ever see a triple-screen laptop? We already have! Razer’s Valerie is an on-the-go gamer’s dream with its three displays.
  • Where can I find the right laptop for me? Head over to our laptops category to see all the latest and greatest laptops.

The buzzword around every tech event so far in 2019 is dual-screen laptops. Originally, laptops were all about portability, meaning smaller displays and more compact keyboards. Brands went lighter and lighter in weight, forgoing ports to maximize compactness. As technology improved, brands are starting to fit more features back into small devices, delivering a more immersive experience for users.

A couple of years ago, Razer delighted gamers withValerie, their triple display laptop. We’ve also seen extra large desktop displays catered to gamers, offering a more immersive experience.

Along with the go-big-or-go-home displays, brands introduced curved displays into their lineup, promising finer details, even more immersion, and the convenience of a single screen.

But, cumbersome systems and huge monitors alienate one major market: those who are always on the go. Dual-screen laptops are all about bringing maximum productivity to those who work just about everywhere.

What is a dual-screen laptop?

A dual-screen laptop is a laptop that has two screens built into the same unit. This can take on a variety of designs, as we’ve seen from many top brands. The most notable original design comes from ASUS in 2012. The Taichi Windows 8 notebook was ahead of its time; the back had a full HD touchscreen to compliment the main display.

Now, brands are doubling down on their double screens by applying even more applications to the secondary display.

Who should use a dual-screen laptop?

While early designs like the Razer Valerie are designed for gamers, dual-screen laptops have a much broader audience. They’re great tools for creatives, but also practical for any digital nomad, instructor, student, or professional. Your needs will dictate which dual-screen laptop is best for you; they all differ in size and functionality.

Which dual-screen laptops are currently available?

Here are all the big players in the dual-screen laptop game:

– Intel Honeycomb Glacier Hinged Dual-Screen Laptop

The Honeycomb Glacier is a hinged dual-screen laptop that is geared especially towards designers and creators. The laptop’s hinge lifts the 15.6-inch main display and props up the 12.3-inch secondary display, which is built into the keyboard tray, into a comfortable angle. The keyboard remains flat, for better productivity.

– ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo Expanded-Screen Laptop

Featuring a full keyboard and trackpad, the extra display on the ZenBook Pro Duolives just above the keyboard. It’s made for improving your workflow, offering extra space to keep your apps, documents, and information within sight. The main display is an impressive 15.6-inch 4K OLED screen and you can drag and drop between the two displays.

– Intel Twin River Dual-Screen Fabric Laptop

Arguably the most stylish, theTwin River looks like two tablets joined together. Both displays are 12.3 inches, meaning they can both serve any function you need. Rather than a keyboard, the bottom of the laptop features the extra display. Its versatile design can be used as a laptop or a tablet, and it’s complete with a polyester, polyamide, and lycra combination base.

– Microsoft Centaurus Dual-Screen Laptop This is the one we know the least about. Rumor has it, Microsoft showed off the device internally to their employees. Codenamed Centaurus for now, we do know that it has a dual-screen design and is being developed with Intel. Showing it off internally means the public may see it by the end of the year, so expect some rumors and leaks leading up to the launch.

What are the limitations of a dual-screen laptop?

These devices sound great in theory and many brands are trying to outdo one another with more impressive specs, more compact designs, and better looks. The current options seem ideal for creatives who need more screen space on the go. But, we may see some slow responsiveness in the screens in the first iterations.

Also, for those who are accustomed to a traditional laptop, having two displays might take some getting used to. For some devices, it forces the keyboard to be more compact. For others, there’s no keyboard at all.

Should I buy a dual-screen laptop?

Like every new technology, there are bound to be duds. Brands are navigating this area with caution (no one wants a Galaxy Fold on their hands). While we’re seeing plenty of designs and future ideas, it’s tough to determine if these devices will function exactly as the consumer needs.

For now, we’d suggest the Intel Twin River. The exceptional design is only outdone by the fact that both displays are equal in size. You can do anything you need on one as well as the other, giving total versatility.

What do you think of this new trend? Will you be buying a dual-screen laptop? Let us know in the comments!

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