The best new tech revealed at Computex 2019

Every year in June, hundreds of big brands flock to the world’s biggest computing show in Taipei. Here is the best new tech revealed at Computex 2019, from dual-screen laptops to wearable PCs.

The best new tech revealed at Computex 2019
  • What is Computex? It’s a trade show for companies that sell computers and components. It has been held in Taipei every year since 1981.
  • What kind of new tech should we look for at Computex? Most big PC makers have new devices to share, while Intel and AMD are launching new chips.
  • What was the most eye-catching release at Computex 2019? While many people flocked to the dual-screen laptops, it was difficult to ignore the Swarovski-encrusted keyboard from HyperX!

Since the early 2000s, Computex has been the world’s biggest and most important computing trade show. Every year, brands such as HP, Asus and Lenovo parade their latest creations, much to our delight. Here’s a round-up of the best new tech to emerge this year at Computex 2019.

Dual-screen laptops

Many of the most exciting announcements at Computex 2019 were dual-screen laptops:

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo Expanded-Screen Laptop

This remarkable device from Asus has two screens, giving you more room to work. The primary screen is a 15.6-inch OLED 4K display, and the laptop has a full-size keyboard.

Price: TBA, coming soon

Intel Honeycomb Glacier Hinged Dual-Screen Laptop

Another example of dual-screen computing is the Honeycomb Glacier from Intel. This one stands up tall, with a 15.6-inch main display and a 12.3-inch secondary screen.

Price: TBA

Intel Twin River Dual-Screen Fabric Laptop

Intel is taking the dual-screen idea one step further with the Twin River laptop. This device is made from polyester, polyamide and lycra — a combination of fabrics that are strong yet flexible.

Price: TBA

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More laptop tech

It wasn’t just dual displays making waves:

Acer ConceptD 7 Portable Designer Laptop

With a Quadro RTX 5000 GPU and a UHD display that is Pantone Validated, the ConceptD laptop is perfect for designers.

Price: TBA

HP Envy Wood Veneer Laptop

With a palmrest covered in light birch or walnut, this HP Envy laptop offers a more natural look. It will be available soon in 13- or 17-inch screen sizes.

Price: TBA

Nvidia RTX Studio Laptops High-Resolution Creative Computers

This brand new range of laptops, powered by Nvidia tech, will be arriving shortly. They will allow creatives to run multiple apps at high speed and at high resolution — ideal for photographers and videographers.

Price: $1,599 USD, coming soon

Lenovo Project Limitless Prototype 5G Laptop

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx 5G technology, this prototype from Lenovo offers fast data connections. It also has a 4K touch-sensitive screen.

Price: TBA, coming soon

For the gamers

Among the releases this year, we saw plenty of great gaming gear:

Dell Alienware M15 Thin Gaming Laptop

It might only be 17.9 mm thick, but this lightweight laptop from Dell is a gaming powerhouse. It has impressive specs under the hood and a 15-inch UHD OLED display.

Price: $1199.99 USD, coming soon

Dell G3 15-Inch Gaming Laptop

This budget-friendly gaming laptop from Dell offers Nvidia GTX 16-series graphics and a 144GHz display. Not bad for a laptop that costs less than $700.

Price: $699.99 USD, coming soon

Hyper X Cloud Alpha High Fidelity Gaming Headset

Certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, this noise-cancelling headset has 50mm dual chamber drivers to improve the audio side of your gaming experience.

Price: $99.99 USD

Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop

Any new release from Razer is always exciting. The new Blade Pro 17 is no exception, with a powerful 9th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics.

Price: $2,499.99 USD

ASUS ROG Strix XG17 Portable USB Monitor

Meet the first ever portable 240GHz monitor, made for gamers. It’s 17.3 inches across, with a response time of 3ms.

Price: TBA

HP VR Backpack G2 Free-Roam Wearable PC

Powered by an 8th-gen Intel processor and Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics, the new G2 VR backpack gives you total freedom. HP says this version will perform 30% better than its predecessor.

Price: $3,299 USD, coming soon

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse Super-Precise Gaming Mouse

With a total of five buttons (three customizable) and a sensitivity of 16,000 DPI, this new gaming mouse from Microsoft will help you level up in no time.

Price: $59.99 USD

Smart innovations

Along with the more exciting releases, there were many great accessories and innovations unveiled at Computex 2019:

ASUS ScreenPad 2.0 Touchscreen Trackpad

This remarkable 5.65-inch trackpad doubles as a small touchscreen, giving you quick access to apps and files.

ASUS AiMesh AX6600 Super-Fast Wi-Fi 6 Routers

Utilizing the next generation of Wi-Fi, the AiMesh routers from Asus offer a top speed of 6,600 Mbps. Yes, really.

Price: TBA

The best new tech

What was your highlight from Computex 2019? Tell us in the comments!

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