BANDI Belts Are the Most Stylish Way to Carry Your Valuables

BANDI Belts Are the Most Stylish Way to Carry Your Valuables

While guys get the luxury of pockets, girls often struggle for storage. Skirts, dresses, yoga pants, and many other garments offer no home for your smartphone or your keys. When you live an active lifestyle, this can be more than annoying. The traditional, butt-ugly solution is to wear a fanny pack — but you might just drop dead with embarrassment. In contrast, BANDI belts actually add to your look. These accessories have hidden pockets, meaning you can easily store your valuables.

– Adjustable belt sits around your waist, providing hidden storage

– Slim designs are stylish yet discreet; great for security

– Soft Spandex four-way stretch fabric adapts to your figure

The Most Stylish Way to Play

Leaving home without your phone is a pretty drastic measure. Closing the front door without your keys is just plain stupid. But what else can you do when you’re going out jogging? Even in safe neighborhoods, you probably don’t want to be running along with your hands full.

This is where BANDI can help. These Spandex belts hold phones, keys, wallets, and many other personal items out of view. The concealed pockets keep your valuables secure, even when you’re working up a sweat.

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Just as importantly, these belts look awesome. They provide a truly stylish way to carry small items.

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Utility Belt

The Classic BANDI belt has one large pocket (7 x 3 inches) which is divided into compartments, and a smaller side pocket. The large pocket can take your phone, cash, and small medical devices. For instance, you could store your insulin injector here.

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Meanwhile, the smaller pocket (3 inches long) provides safe refuge for coins, keys, and medication. It could also hold your lip balm and anything else of a similar size.

Should you need more storage, you might consider upgrading to one of the Large Pocket belts. As the name suggests, the pockets in these belts gain an extra half inch. Consequently, you have room to carry a phablet-sized device and an inhaler. These larger models are also great for travelers, who might need quick access to their passport and some foreign cash.

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Smart Design

The belts are made from soft Spandex. This material can stretch in four directions, but BANDI belts are specifically designed not to bounce. For regular runners, that makes a huge difference.

To make the belts slim and comfortable, the folks behind BANDI have avoided using velcro or zippers. That does mean you can’t do anything too athletic while wearing your belt, otherwise your phone might fall out. But then, these belts are designed for normal humans, not adventure sports superheroes.

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The Classic Pocket Belt and the Large Pocket Belt both feature an innovative adjustable design. They comfortably fit waists 28 to 42 inches. If you need a little bit more room, you can easily add an extra 9–12 inches with a BANDI Extender. With this, the BANDI Belts can fit waists up to 54 inches. In the other direction, BANDI offers a range of belts sized for kids. You can even go for a pocketed headband if you prefer.

There are numerous designs to choose from, including vibrant patterns and discreet plain colors.

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“BANDI Wear is offered in many different patterns and solids, and it helps you carry your small essentials while on the go.  A BANDI can’t hold everything, but for those times when you just need to carry your essentials, don’t want to carry a large purse or bag, or need your hands free, BANDI comes to the rescue.” — BANDI Wear

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What We ❤️

A seriously stylish way to carry your phone and other things. It’s particularly good for travelers and joggers and the adjustable size means it’s always comfortable.


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