Eterno can help you roll back the years

After you reach 25 years old, your skin naturally starts to age. While anti-wrinkle creams have little effect, Eterno uses UV-free LEDs to rejuvenate your skin. It’s the next generation of beauty tech.

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When you stop to think about it, your skin is pretty remarkable. This water-resistant shell is supple enough for you to smile, yet durable enough to withstand the elements. You can’t even damage it seriously without sustaining a significant injury.

After so many years of service, however, it’s inevitable that some aging will occur. If you would prefer to hide the blemishes, Eterno can help. This device uses light therapy to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and rosacea.

What is LED light therapy?

You may have heard that exposure to sunlight ages your skin over time. This is true. Those warm rays contain a significant amount of UV radiation, which causes a minute amount of cell damage. As the years roll by, the damage adds up.

In contrast, LED lights release very little UV light. As a result, they don’t cause skin damage.

anti-wrinkle creams - Eterno can help you roll back the years

Fight the sands of time with Eterno

Furthermore, intense light at the right frequency can actually reduce inflammation and trigger repair processes in your skin. That’s the theory behind Eterno, a new FDA-approved LED light therapy device.

Anti-aging beauty tech

anti-wrinkle creams - Eterno can help you roll back the years

Eterno is really easy to use

To use Eterno, you simply place the special glass pad against your skin. You can target specific areas of your face, or go for the full facial.

anti-wrinkle creams - Eterno can help you roll back the years

Eterno lets you target fine lines and wrinkles

The light penetrates all three layers of your skin to reach the photoreceptors in your mitochondria. In turn, this triggers the release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) — the energy source for cell repair.

To see the benefits of Eterno, you need to use the device for around 15 to 20 minutes three times a week. After four to eight weeks, you should see an improvement in your skin condition. Eterno can tackle wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea, sun spots, scars, large pores, and more.

anti-wrinkle creams - Eterno can help you roll back the years

The ultimate beauty tech solution

Unlike anti-wrinkle creams, the effects are relatively long lasting. Even if you skip Eterno for a week, your skin should still be in better shape.

Totally safe

With any newish beauty product, it’s worth thinking about safety. While some treatments have side-effects, Eterno meets FDA standards. In addition, the device was designed specifically to provide medical-grade treatment.

anti-wrinkle creams - Eterno can help you roll back the years

Eterno offers medical-grade skin treatment

In fact, Eterno displays quality design and manufacturing at every turn. The LEDs are the same type as those used by NASA to grow plants in space, and the device comes with a one-year warranty.

“We created a line of revolutionary anti-aging technology, for real women like you, who want to fight aging without using outdated ineffective creams or looking like a Star Wars character in the process.” — Eterno Skincare

Beauty revolution

Light therapy products are really popular right now, but few offer medical-grade skincare. Eterno stands out as one of the best, and it’s more affordable than many.

Future designs

While Eterno is more portable than many light therapy treatments, it’s still quite a large device to pack for travel. It’s a minor gripe, though.


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