Best winter gadgets and accessories of 2020

Looking for gear that can help you stay warm and have fun this winter? Well, you're reading the right blog. Today we're highlighting the best winter gadgets and accessories of 2020. Check out this roundup to learn more about our favorite products for getting through the cold months.

Best winter gadgets and accessories of 2020
AROMEO Sense sleep aid on a table

Depending on where you live, you might get your first snowfall soon—or maybe it’s already snowed. While everything outside your window turns into a winter wonderland, make sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you this season. From products that keep you nice and toasty at home to the latest ski gear, these are the best winter gadgets and accessories of 2020.

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Have you dreamed of recording your snowboarding adventures with a pair of HD snow goggles that also have AR capabilities? It’s possible. Do you want a weighted blanket that can relieve stress and make you feel cozier? No matter which of these gadgets you go for, they’re sure to chase the chills away and get you through the winter with a smile on your face.

AROMEO Sense Sleep Aid

The first item on our roundup of the best winter gadgets and accessories is the AROMEO Sense Sleep Aid. This device reduces stress and improves sleep using light, aroma, and sound therapy.

MUJJO Touchscreen Gloves

Use your smartphone during the winter and keep your hands warm with the MUJJO Touchscreen Gloves. These gloves let you take any call at any temperature with their silver-coated nylon fibers. Best of all, they let you operate your phone with any finger.

MUJJO Touchscreen Gloves

MUJJO Touchscreen Gloves in use

Thule Ski & Snowboard Car Rack

The Thule Ski & Snowboard Car Rack gives you adjustable clearance with its extension blocks. Also, it holds six pairs of skis or four snowboards, making it great for families.

Thule Ski & Snowboard Car Rack 

Thule Ski & Snowboard Car Rack on a car roof

RideOn AR Snow Goggles

Record videos and images for later with the RideOn AR Snow Goggles. They also keep you safe since they automatically detect motion and switch capabilities when you’re in riding mode. The AR mode lets you throw virtual snowballs at other users for fun.

Skiskates 2 Short Skis

Another of our best winter gadgets and accessories are the Skiskates 2 Short Skis. These incredibly short skis fit in your backpack and are a combination of skis and skates, letting you skate on snow. Two models are available: one that attaches to your ski boots and another that clips on to your snowboard boots.

Polar Seal Heated Outerwear

Stay warmer on the slopes and outside of the house with the Polar Seal Heated Outerwear. These garments provide instant warmth and include a Heated Parka and Heated Vest. They offer two heating zones and three temperature levels.

JUMPI 3-in-1 Jumpstarter

Ensure your safety this winter with the JUMPI 3-in-1 Jumpstarter. This handy gadget includes a jumpstarter, charger, and vacuum in a sleek design. It’s just the aid you need if you break down on a cold winter night.

GOAT STORY GINA Smart Coffee Instrument

The GOAT STORY GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is on our list of the best winter gadgets and accessories because it lets you prepare coffee in three different ways. So whether you’re in the mood for pour over, drip, or French press, this coffee device can prepare it for you.

Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket

Warm up all winter long with the Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket. This cozy blanket features a breathable design made from a patent-pending weighted fabric. You’ll love this gorgeous blanket that looks great in any room.

Burch Barrel Portable Suspended Barbecue

Bring the warmth outdoors with the Burch Barrel Suspended Barbecue, which is another cool item on our roundup of the best winter gadgets and accessories. It lets you cook food outdoors and even works as a smoker.

FlÎKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace

Create a warm atmosphere in any corner of your home, indoors or out, with the FlÎKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace. It’s rustic and luxurious at the same time and doesn’t create soot or carbon monoxide.

SnoStrip Vehicle Ski Mount

Protect your car and your skis while you get ready for a day on the slopes with the SnoStrip Vehicle Ski Mount. This magnetic ski attachment allows you to lean your skis or snowboard against your car safely.

Wyze Thermostat Smart Heating & Cooling System

Another great product on our list of the best winter gadgets and accessories is the Wyze Thermostat Smart Heating & Cooling System. It’s compatible with voice assistants, and you can control the temperatures in your home from anywhere.

Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Dyneema Jacket

You’ll be able to handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius with the Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Dyneema Jacket. This jacket is up to 15 times stronger than steel in some areas. It’s great for winter outdoor adventures.

Vornado Glide Vortex Whole Room Heater

Keep your home nice and warm all winter long with the Vornado Glide Vortex Whole Room Heater. This beautiful device has natural wooden feet and a modern steel case. It also has several safety features and is safe to touch at all times.

Vornado Glide Vortex Whole Room Heater

Vornado Glide Vortex whole room heater in a bedroom

With the cool and cozy products on this list, your winter is about to get a lot warmer. Let us know which of these products you like the most in the comments.

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