Brew flavor-rich coffee in under 3 minutes with this all-in-one coffee-making system

Tired of that sour aftertaste coffee can leave in your mouth? Improve your Joe's flavor and rid it of carbonic acid for good with the NoAir 2.0 coffee maker.

Brew flavor-rich coffee in under 3 minutes with this all-in-one coffee-making system
NoAir 2.0 brews coffee in under 3 minutes

Enhance your coffee’s flavor when you brew it with the NoAir 2.0 full-immersion vacuum-brewing coffee maker. This cool new coffee device uses vacuum brewing to stop your coffee from oxidizing and forming carbonic acid, giving you a tastier, more nuanced drink.

You can’t start the day without your morning coffee. But sometimes the brew is just a little too acidic and even irritates your stomach. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. In fact, the NoAir 2.0 actually removes trapped CO2 from ground coffee, resulting in a better flavor and preventing carbonic acid formation.

Vacuum brewing removes CO2 from ground coffee

The NoAir 2.0 uses vacuum brewing to remove trapped CO2 from ground coffee. According to the company, this allows the coffee to thoroughly saturate with water during the brewing process and release its flavor compounds, giving you a tastier drink.

So you’ll be able to taste more of your coffee’s subtle flavors like blueberry from Ethiopian coffee or lemongrass from Kenyan coffee. The creators also note that this coffee maker produces sweet, hot-chocolate-like results.

NoAir 2
NoAir 2.0 pouring coffee

Full-immersion brewing prevents carbonic acid

Meanwhile, this vacuum-brewing coffee maker also uses full-immersion brewing. It keeps the ground coffee underwater, which stops the formation of carbonic acid.

While carbonic acid isn’t harmful, the company writes that the higher doses in a cup of coffee can bother the stomach. It also causes a sour aftertaste that many people find unpleasant.

Luckily, the NoAir 2.0 prevents carbonic acid from forming in the first place, giving you coffee that’s more drinkable and doesn’t cause pain.

NoAir 2.0 YouTube video

It makes classic, medium, and double dark strengths

Think you have to stick to just classic brewed coffee with the NoAir 2.0? Actually, this new coffee technology brews a range of coffee drinks, from a classic single-strength cup to quad dark, which is espresso style.

Other possibilities are oat milk lattes, Americano style, coconut milk latte, white milk, and chocolate milk. So, as you can see, you get plenty of mix-in options with this coffee maker.

The double-wall filter is easy to clean

The NoAir 2.0 makes several improvements on the typical coffee maker, and one is its removable double-wall 200-micron stainless steel mesh filter. It provides for easier cleanup and faster pouring. It also allows the maker to transition into a travel mug.

The Electric Vacuum pump makes this coffee maker portable

Another feature that sets the NoAir 2.0 apart from drip coffee makers is its USB-rechargeable electric vacuum pump. It allows you to take the coffee maker anywhere, not keep it tethered to a wall outlet in your kitchen.

Moreover, it has a high-quality battery that should last for 2 months under normal usage. That means you can brew coffee with the NoAir 2.0 for up to 60 days without worrying about connecting it to its charger.

It has your coffee ready in fewer than 3 minutes

Tired of endlessly waiting for your coffee maker to brew your morning Joe in the kitchen? The NoAir 2.0 prepares your coffee in fewer than 3 minutes. Yes, it’s possible.

The steps are simple. Just add your ground coffee and pour in heated water. Then, use the pump to create a vacuum. Lift off the filter, and you’re ready to enjoy.

A travel lid transforms the brewer into a to-go mug

Do you typically grab your coffee on the way out the door? Thanks to its practical travel lid, the NoAir 2.0 can commute right along with you. It converts the brewer into a travel mug in just seconds. What’s more, with its large shape it works as a coffee mug in the morning and as a water bottle in the afternoon.

Pollution isn’t an issue with this eco-friendly coffee maker

Even better, this unique coffee maker supports sustainability. For starters, the primary materials are stainless steel and premium Tritan plastic. Both are 100% recyclable.

Meanwhile, the company’s Indiegogo page writes that millions of trees are cut to create paper filters and to-go coffee cups for coffee drinkers every year. Then, plastic coffee pods take 200–500 years to break down.

With the NoAir 2.0, you won’t need any paper or plastic productss to enjoy some of the purest coffee flavors you’ve ever experienced. It’s a coffee maker, filter, and cup in one reusable, recyclable design. Now that’s something we can all feel good about.

Carbonic-acid-free coffee is easier on your stomach

If you need the jolt of coffee to start your day, but your stomach struggles with the acid, this vacuum-brewing coffee maker is just what you’ve been looking for. Since the device removes CO2 from the ground coffee, carbonic acid never forms in the coffee. This takes away the gas and stomach pain and removes the sour aftertaste you get from standard coffee machines.

Read our final thoughts

If you’re looking for a quick way to improve the flavor and quality of your coffee, this vacuum-brewing coffee maker is an excellent choice. Using a full-immersion vacuum brewing process, it eliminates CO2 from ground coffee, improving its flavor. Make your daily coffee ritual even better with this coffee gadget.

Preorder the NoAir 2.0 on Indiegogo for $85. Do you own any coffee gadgets that drastically improve the flavor? Tell us about them in the comments.

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