The best compact workstations for remote workers

When you work from a coffee shop, it’s not always easy to get comfortable. These compact workstations offer a lightweight, ergonomic solution.

The best compact workstations for remote workers
  • How many people work remotely? According to a Gallup report, about 37% of Americans do some telecommuting.
  • What is a digital nomad? People with no fixed address, who work while traveling the world.
  • What are the best remote jobs? There are many great remote jobs in design, development, writing, social media, and customer support (We are hiring!).

As employers wake up to the benefits of remote work, more and more of us are taking the opportunity to escape the office. Being able to avoid the daily commute is a great thing, as is the opportunity to focus on productivity.

Of course, leaving the office does mean waving goodbye to your desk. But with these compact workstations, you shouldn’t notice a difference.

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Flio Up folding stand

Flio Up Folding Laptop Stand

This stylish wooden stand adjusts to different settings. It works as a lap tray with space for your mouse, or as a laptop stand on your desk. It can even raise your laptop to standing height. (Price: $92.31 USD)

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The Roost folding stand

Roost Adjustable Laptop Stand

Roost provides a similar level of adjustability in a super-portable package. The stand allows you to set your laptop at the perfect height and angle on your desk. Weighing just 3.2 ounces, it’s ideal for nomads. (Price: $74.95 USD)

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Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower Adjustable Laptop Stand

If you work at home or a nearby coffee shop, Tiny Tower offers a study upgrade. This aluminum stand has 17 different heights to choose from, and it can support laptops up to 15 inches. It even has a cable tidy built in. (Price: $99 USD)

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Alcove privacy workstation

Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation

Working with sensitive information in a public place is always dangerous. Alcove is designed to shield your laptop screen from prying eyes with pop-out side screens. It even folds down so you can take it anywhere. (Price: $79 USD)

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Tabolap workstation bag

Tabolap Portable Workstation Bag

This multi-functional bag lets you work virtually anywhere. It provides a non-slip surface for any device up to 13 inches, with a shelf for your phone or notebook, and even a cup holder. (Price: $169 USD)

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SatchelBord chair and desk

SatchelBord Truly Portable Workstation

What if you don’t even have a chair? That’s where SatchelBord comes in. In one backpack, you get a folding chair and a lap rest for your computer. Not the comfiest, but so much better than the floor. (Price: $139 USD)

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LapDesk portable desk

The LapPad Mobile Desk

If you prefer working in a plushy armchair, the LapPad is a must-have accessory. This bamboo desk has cutaways for ventilation, a shelf for your mouse mat, and slots for your mobile devices. (Price: $90.27 USD)

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iCharge folding desk

iCharge Portable Charging Desk

This neat little desk has a built-in 10,000mAh battery, two USB ports, and a reading light. In addition, the height is completely adjustable, making iCharge perfect for working in bed or down at the beach. (Price: $49.98 USD)

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Lavolta ergonomic stand

Lavolta Ergonomic Foldable Laptop Stand

This Lavolta stand can take many different forms thanks to its folding legs. It can support your laptop and keyboard separately on a desk, elevate your computer to a better typing height, and help you work on the couch. (Price: $56.13 USD)

The best compact workstations

As a team of remote workers here at the Gadget Flow, we love compact workstations. Whether you work from home or travel the world as a digital nomad, we hope this roundup has something to suit your needs.

Do you work remotely? Tell us about your job in the comments and check out our other tips for remote work.

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