Master conference calls at home with these gadgets

So you're a remote worker now, and you never thought you'd be. With working from home comes the necessity of videoconferences and conference calls. You might think things are going okay because you haven't done anything like turn yourself into a potato yet. But are you sure you properly shared your screen? Thankfully, there are ways to improve your home conference calling know-how.

Master conference calls at home with these gadgets
Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Interactive Whiteboard in Use for a Conference Call

The coronavirus has upended the way a lot of us work. Not at Gadget Flow, of course, because everybody here works from home all the time. Some of our family and friends no longer have jobs. Some of our loved ones have jobs that are “on hold” until COVID-19 passes. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ve been working from home for a couple of weeks now.

Remote work might seem like an easier gig than going into the office. Roll out of bed, grab some coffee, and sit in your desk. Easy as pie. But then your boss calls unexpectedly for a face-to-face videoconference, and you’re still in your pajamas. Dang it. Or everybody on your team can hear your dog barking in your backyard. Yea, that’s distracting.

If you’re new to this work-from-home gig, you may not have previously used the conference calling features on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, and other platforms. And you probably don’t have a remote work setup that’s designed for the perfect WFH conference call. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. From computer gadgets to desk tools to clothing items, we have all you need to make conference calls at home a breeze.

Moshi TeraGlove Microfiber Screen Cleaner Cloth

Let’s start with something small. The Moshi TeraGlove Microfiber Screen Cleaner Cloth easily cleans nasty fingerprints and food residue from your screen or video camera. Because we know you eat at your desk. Available in two options—one for tablets and smartphones and one for flat-panel screens—the latter suits your computer display for conference calls at home. Because it’s double-sided, it provides a complete clean. Use the black side with a bit of water to wipe smudges away and then turn it inside out when you want to remove dust with the grey side.

StayMAAT Odor and Wrinkle-Free Shirt

Now, you know you need to look your best—at least from the waist up. Especially if you’re hunting for a job right now. You’ll look good and help the environment with the StayMAAT Odor and Wrinkle-Free Shirt. Coming in all white, it uses a high-quality mix of materials to achieve style, comfort, and sustainability, remaining wrinkle-free all day. Including 4% silver, it kills 99% of bacteria. So you’ll smell fresh even when you haven’t showered. The StayMAAT Shirt is antibacterial, waterproof, and stain-proof—this white shirt can repel anything from coffee to ketchup.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Interactive Whiteboard

Moving on to something a little more advanced: the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Interactive Whiteboard. More than just a digital whiteboard, it provides a Windows 10 platform for conference calls and other collaboration tools. It’s perfect for agile teams, making relationships with remote coworkers a breeze. It has a 4K camera, a 4K+ resolution screen, strong microphones, and clear speakers. So you won’t be worried about not hearing or seeing your teammates. Additionally, this device’s whiteboard technology makes it easy to creatively brainstorm your next big idea.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Router

A good internet connection is a necessity for making conference calls from home. The NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Router will give you the quality internet access you want. Additionally, it serves up gigabit internet so you won’t encounter lags with uploading, downloading, or streaming. If you have a home office and deal with glitches during your videoconferences, the Nighthawk can help. With the Nighthawk App, you’ll never again wonder if the problem is with your internet provider, router, or computer. And its two antennas transmit the Wi-Fi signal even throughout the largest of homes.

Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard

You need to be able to sit on your couch while making conference calls from home. With the Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard, you can control any smart TV, PC, or mobile device that’s connected to the television. Offering a familiar typing experience, it also has a touchpad that allows you to make fluid movements while the D-Pad offers accurate precision. Simply type in URLs, search terms, scroll through sites, enter mix-cased passwords and control the cursor with ease. With a 50-foot range, it makes it easy to connect your computer with your TV, so you can videoconference in a comfortable spot.

Philips Performance PH805BK Hi-Res Audio Headphones

When you just have to jump on a work call but your child is playing loudly behind you, you need to make sure it doesn’t distract your coworkers. Use the Philips Performance PH805BK Hi-Res Audio Headphones, which offer active noise-canceling technology. They adjust to the environment around you so you never hear unnecessary background noise. When you need to make calls, the microphone eliminates echos so the person on the other end hears exactly what you say. Additionally, these ANC headphones offer multiple control methods: touch, tap, or speak.

MOFT Z 4-in-1 Invisible Sit-Stand Laptop Desk

Always showcase your best angle with the MOFT Z 4-in-1 Invisible Sit-Stand Laptop Desk. No more double chins! It’s a one-piece paper structure you can easily fold up to a thickness of just 0.5 inches and fit in any storage space. Additionally, the origami-inspired shape makes the laptop desk even more versatile, with one mode for standing and three modes for sitting. Furthermore, the paper-thin design makes the desk easier to carry around so you can sit at your desk or on the couch. 

Grovemade Wood & Leather Headphone Stand

So you’ve got your gorgeous headphones, and you need a place to keep them so they don’t become part of the mess around you. Don’t worry, we’re not judging. Securely store your headset with the Grovemade Wood & Leather Headphone Stand. Unlike with hook designs, this product has a spot for the headband at the top of your headphones to rest fully on it. Likewise, both ear cups push into the stand itself, steadying the headset and keeping it from dangling, which can cause misalignment. The Headphone Stand comes in your choice of walnut and black leather or maple and brown leather.

Grovemade Cork and Aluminum Desk Tray

Here’s another one from Grovemade because you need to keep your workspace organized to take off-the-cuff notes during conference calls from home. The Grovemade Cork and Aluminum Desk Tray has a main compartment that’s 7.8 inches wide and 4.25 inches long. This is plenty of space for your calculator for quick accounting. The small pocket perfectly holds a stack of mini Post-It notes so they’re always within reach, and the final compartment is designed for your writing utensils with three slots to keep them straight.

With all of these tools by your side, you’ll seriously improve your conference calls from home. And, if you’re on the hunt for a job at the moment, you’ll be more organized and better dressed than ever before. Let us know in the comments which of these products would be the most useful for you!

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