Amazon gadgets: Discover our top 5 smart home favorites

From an air quality monitor to a household robot, these are some of our favorite Amazon gadgets. Check them out for ways to amp up your home's convenience.

Amazon gadgets: Discover our top 5 smart home favorites
Boost your home’s convenience with our top 5 Amazon smart home gadgets

Nowadays, people buying homes take any existing smart home gadgets into consideration before making an offer. Yes, smart home gadgets have become mainstream; they’re no longer the luxury of high-end buyers. So, if you want to improve your home’s convenience with connected gadgets, you’ll want to check out our top 5 smart home gadgets from Amazon below.

These 5 Amazon gadgets offer interactive convenience without breaking the bank. Have a look to see if your home is missing any voice- or app-activated essentials!

1. Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor
Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor on a kitchen counter

Do you work remotely or spend much time at home? Chances are, you’re breathing in indoor pollutants.
Prolonged exposure to these pollutants can result in symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, impacting daily activities and productivity. The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor helps you understand what’s in your indoor air:

  • Keep tabs on potential allergens and irritants all year long.
  • Detect unwanted chemicals that affect breathing.
  • Ensure safety by monitoring the invisible Carbon Monoxide (CO).
  • Prevent mold and keep healthier humidity levels.
  • Track temperature variations across your home.

You can also view sensor data rendered into an easy-to-understand air quality score in the Alexa app. Plus, track trends over time and receive valuable tips for enhancing air quality.

What’s more? Pairing an Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor with an Echo device (sold separately) allows you to monitor indoor air quality using Alexa voice commands effortlessly.

You’ll receive alerts when air quality drops and can assign monitors to different rooms for comprehensive monitoring throughout your home.

Getting used to the Alexa app may take some time if you haven’t tried it before, but the Amazon Smart Indoor Quality Monitor is worth buying. The audible Alexa alerts are helpful to keep you informed about the air quality in your home. Plus, with Routines, you can enjoy more advantages
of Amazon Alexa gadgets. Overall, it’s a functional and useful device.

Having a Carbon Trust Certification, the device’s packaging is 99% sustainably sourced wood fiber or recycled materials. Improve air quality at home today while contributing to a greener world.

Amazon Blink Mini 2
Amazon Blink Mini 2 on an exterior wall

Every day in the U.S., there are about 3,062 burglaries, and 72% of them occur when no one is home. Blink Mini 2, a second-generation plug-in smart security camera, helps you stay connected to what’s happening in your home, right from your smartphone.

With a Blink 2, you can:

  • Install in minutes for complete home coverage, simplifying security setup.
  • Get real-time motion alerts on your smartphone for quick reactions from anywhere.
  • Benefit from person detection.
  • Use Mini 2 as a plug-in chime for the Blink Video Doorbell, receiving instant alerts when the doorbell is pressed.

A major upgrade from previous Blink cameras, the Mini 2 is small and sleek. It records clear video, detects motion accurately, and fits in any space. Mini 2’s improved low-light capability and broader field of view (now 143 degrees) capture entire rooms. Plus, its person detection feature prevents unnecessary alerts from animals and beyond.

While some affordable security cameras require a subscription for premium features, like the Blink Mini 2, it remains an enticing purchase even with the subscription.

3) Amazon eero 6+: mesh Wi-Fi router

Amazon gadgets: Discover our top 5 smart home favorites
Amazon eero 6+ in a living room

Tired of dealing with Wi-Fi dead zones and unreliable coverage in your home? Mesh Wi-Fi systems, such as the eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi router, use a main router and additional nodes to create a unified network, eliminating dead zones. For optimal speed, devices connect automatically to the nearest node.
eero’s Wi-Fi 6 upgrade supports speeds up to a gigabit, ensuring faster and more reliable connectivity for all your devices.

Here are more benefits of owning eero 6+:

  • Simplify setup and management by replacing separate hubs with a built-in smart hub.
  • Control lights and more through Amazon Alexa without the need for additional devices.
  • Enhance online security with world-class encryption and security protocols.
  • Manage your network from anywhere with minimal effort.

What’s more, like other eero devices, eero 6+ is easy to set up and operate. The eero app, available for iOS and Android, uses Bluetooth to initiate connection to the routers, guiding you through Wi-Fi network setup in minutes.
Plus, with a dual-band mesh system, eero 6+ operates on 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands. The eero app combines these bands into one network, letting routers automatically prioritize the fastest connection for devices. For home users with limited network expertise, this simplicity is a crucial
The eero 6+ routers boast a sleek, space-saving design, complemented by the user-friendly eero app. In terms of performance, while it falls within the mid-range for Wi-Fi 6 systems, the eero 6+ delivers ample speed for typical home broadband needs.

Though there’s an additional cost for some management and advanced security protection, you’ll gain a secure network with extensive signal coverage.
Overall, eero 6+ offers competitive pricing, particularly for larger homes needing reliable connectivity throughout every corner of the house.

4) Amazon Fire HD 8: tablet

Amazon gadgets: Discover our top 5 smart home favorites
Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet in a person’s hands

Do you have a Prime subscription and need a compact, budget-friendly laptop for unwinding with your reading or boosting productivity in the kitchen? Consider getting the Amazon Fire HD 8.

With Fire HD 8, Amazon keeps the sleek design of its tablets. However, it now boasts a slightly thinner and lighter profile, enhancing its portability and looks.

  • Enjoy an 8″ HD display with a screen made of strengthened aluminosilicate glass, providing crisp visuals and durability.
  • Experience enhanced performance with hexa-core processors, allowing you to multitask seamlessly without slowdowns.
  • Benefit from a 13-hour battery life and choose between 32 GB or 64 GB storage options—expandable up to 1 TB via a microSD card—ensuring ample space for your media and files.
  • Use the thin and lightweight design, featuring a USB-C port for easy charging, making it convenient to stay powered up on the go.
  • Navigate effortlessly with split-screen features and Alexa compatibility, making browsing convenient for daily tasks.
  • Get peace of mind with Amazon Kids. It manages your child’s tablet usage with features like screen time limits.

Opt for more storage when you go for with the 32 or 64 GB options. You can also expand the storage up to 1 TB via the microSD card slot.

Although charging could be faster, the Fire HD 8 boasts impressive battery life. Streaming video for about 10 hours or more is easily achievable, making it a standout feature.

Unlocking your Fire HD 8, you’ll notice various ads popping up, which can be distracting. However, for an ad-free experience, you can invest an additional $20 to improve your device usage.

All things said, Amazon’s Fire HD 8 excels in its purpose: streaming Amazon content. With a 45% discount, now’s the ideal time to grab the Fire HD 8 tablet, perfect for enhancing your leisure and boosting productivity.

5. Amazon Astro: a household robot

Amazon Astro in a video

Artificial intelligence experts believe that up to 40% of household chores will be automated within the next decade, according to a recent study by University of Oxford researchers.

How does Amazon Astro, the 2nd Gen smart robot, fare as a pioneering project? At dimensions of 17.3 by 9.8 by 16.7 inches (HWD) and 20.6 pounds, the Astro is about the size of a small dog, like a French bulldog.

Here’s what you’ll get from the Amazon Astro in a nutshell:

  • Benefit from the smart robot’s ability to detect unusual sounds or unfamiliar people, promptly sending alerts.
  • Navigate effortlessly around obstacles: Astro maintains a safe distance from individuals, animals, and steps.
  • Request Astro to follow or share messages and reminders.
  • Astro remains nearby in quiet spots and on its charges automatically when necessary.

Like a self-driving car, Astro moves around your house by itself using sensors and smart technology. It has big wheels to go over different floors and avoid things in its way. It listens to commands when you say “Astro” and can complete various tasks, such as telling you the weather.

Although in its early stages, Astro’s personality offers the household robot a different vibe from Echo devices. It’s got animated eyes and makes cute sounds, which sets it apart from other Amazon gadgets.

The setup process is quite streamlined. It arrives fully assembled; just unbox it, plug in the charger, put Astro on the dock, and it should start up by itself.

Astro’s Live View home monitoring feature boasts greater speed and agility compared to other robotic cleaners. Additionally, raising its periscope provides a higher viewpoint for checking counters.

You’ll love the Live View feature—it feels like a glimpse into the future. It allows easy home monitoring and keeping tabs on loved ones no matter where you are. It’s perfect for checking on pets when away.

What sets Astro apart, though, is its mobility. Beyond just fetching information, it can lend a hand with tasks around the house, like delivering snacks to your kids or reminding your spouse to take out the garbage. However, Astro can’t do tasks beyond moving from place to place. You’ll
still need to load snacks for delivery.

In terms of privacy, Amazon has done an outstanding job by storing and processing navigation and facial recognition data on the device. Like other Alexa devices, you can delete your activity log in the Alexa app.
Astro operates with its free mobile app, “Astro,” available for both Android and iOS devices. You should have a compatible Android 8 or iOS 13 device and an active account.

Overall, if you want to try out cutting-edge technology while benefiting from the robot’s security and navigation abilities, the Amazon Astro household tablet is well worth the price.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to explore health, security, or entertainment tech, head over to GadgetFlow’s Amazon home gadgets webpage and make life easier at every turn.

Note: This blog post was written by Grigor Baklajyan and edited by Lauren Wadowsky.

Lauren has been writing and editing since 2008. She loves working with text and helping writers find their voice. When she's not typing away at her computer, she cooks and travels with her husband and two daughters.
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