These cool fire-powered dragons actually fly around your campfire

Everyone loves a good bonfire. But what if you could bring your favorite fantasy worlds to your next outdoor party? It's possible when you have the Campfire Flyers. This bonfire set includes a castle-shaped fire pit and dragons that move on their own over the flames. Check out this blog post to learn more about this new gadget.

These cool fire-powered dragons actually fly around your campfire
Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons at sunset

Love dragons and castles? Then the Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons are just what your campfires need. These cool fire-powered dragons actually rotate above the flames as though they’re flying, thanks to the rising heat. And the castle-shaped fire pit calls to mind your favorite George R.R. Martin books. So if you’re into fantasy worlds, this fireside work of art will transport you to a time of lords and ladies, stone castles, and fortresses.

When you order the Campfire Flyers full set, you’ll get both the fire-powered dragons and the Castle Firepit. Crafted from galvanized steel, the dragons reflect the firelight and are protected from corrosion. Meanwhile, the castle features 16 and 14 gauged steel for extreme durability, which is just what you want from a great outdoor gadget. When you light a fire in this fantasy-themed firepit, get ready for hours of fireside conversation and an atmosphere that transports you and your friends to another place and time. It’s a pretty cool feeling.

These cool fire-powered dragons actually fly around your campfire Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons
Fire-powered dragons: Campfire Flyers with a family

So how do these kinetic dragons work?

The project’s Kickstarter page writes that the creators, father and son Jeffery and Carl Zachmman, have over 50 years of experience creating kinetic sculptures. Using convective currents, the fire’s rising heat creates an updraft that naturally moves the dragons around the fire. No cords, motors, or batteries are required for these dragons to move with propulsion.

V Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons
Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons with a person reading a book

Are these flame-powered dragons built to last?

While this remarkable work of art is beautiful and inventive, it’s also quite durable. The handcrafted fire pit features heavy-gauge steel and a high-temperature coating to reduce rust. So you can set up bonfires in your backyard to your heart’s content and this pit will be just fine. It works in all seasons, so whether you want a soothing campfire on a summer’s night or to warm up outside in the winter, this firepit can handle the weather. The dragons and their lighter-weight galvanized steel are also sturdy and have protection from corrosion.

Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons in a video

Is this dragon-inspired campfire gadget easy to assemble?

You want your outdoor gatherings to be as effortless as possible. Because who wants to spend the day before their get-together fiddling with the entertainment? Thankfully, setting up these fire-powered dragons isn’t a weekend-long project. The campaign’s Kickstarter page writes that it’s easy to set up the firepit and fire-powered dragons. In fact, assembly and disassembly take just minutes. That way, you can focus on more important matters like ensuring you’ve got enough marshmallows to toast and mead to sip.

Can you use the dragons over other types of campfires?

With the Campfire Flyers, you can fly the dragons over other types of fires, not just ones in the Castle Firepit. The creators say that while the Castle Firepit provides for optimal dragon movement thanks to the airflow that the portcullis gates create, the dragons work with a range of other firepits and campfires. And with the additional ground stake, you can take your flying dragon show on the road to firepits and campfires at, say, a friend’s bonfire or a camping ground.

Where can you place the firepit?

You can use the Castle Firepit on your patio or any dirt or sand surface. Remember that heat can damage vegetation and flammable materials. In general, just place the fire pit and fire-powered dragons on a heat-resistant surface during use.

The Campfire Flyers create atmosphere

The fire reflecting from the dragons’ wings and their incredible, fire-powered motion add a sense of magic to your campfires. Your friends and family will want to stay out all night, gazing at these dragons as they talk the hours away.

Bonfires are fun but become so much more fun when you add cool, kinetic artwork. And these fire-powered dragons and castle-shaped firepit bring the fantasy world right to your backyard or patio. As the dragons circle your fire, you can imagine that you’re in a world where dragons and knights actually exist. Handcrafted and highly durable, this work of art adds flair to your next outdoor fire and is great for entertaining or even just chilling out at home with the family.

The Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons typically cost $625. You can currently preorder yours for $445 on Kickstarter. Do you love the great outdoors? Tell us about your favorite camping and outdoor gear in the comment section.

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