Coolest Cooler Overtakes Pebble as Most Funded Kickstarter Campaign, Raises $11.7 Million

Coolest Cooler Overtakes Pebble as Most Funded Kickstarter Campaign, Raises $11.7 Million

Apart from being a pioneer in the smartwatch industry, Pebble also held the prestigious most-funded Kickstarter campaign award for almost 2 years. Raising $10.2 million in just 37 days, the small business quickly grew from a startup to a full-blown, international company. But now there’s a new startup that officially took over Pebble’s number one spot on Kickstarter.

Meet the Coolest Cooler.

Coolest Cooler with blender

Easily coined as the world’s smartest cooler, this new product comes with a long list of features that instantly connects with campers, tailgaters and party lovers. Besides its ability to keep drinks cold, this modern cooler can charge electronic devices through a waterproof USB port, blast music from a set of wireless Bluetooth speakers and blend tasty margaritas (or fresh smoothies for kids).

USB port for charging gadgets

The inventors were careful not to deviate too far from the traditional cooler design and simply made minor tweaks to its already tried-and-tested parts. One of these upgrades include massive beach tires that can rollover unforgiving terrain, such as sand and light mud, without sinking in the ground. There are also storage compartments sprinkled around the cooler, letting individuals  store utensils and plates virtually anywhere they want.

Perhaps the best non-electronic feature of the Coolest Cooler is the handy bottle opener. Attached to the portable device, one can simply open a drink with one hand- and since it’s permanently stuck on the side, you’ll never lose it.

Stow away Coolest Cooler view with attachments

Essentially, if there is one thing you need for future outdoor events; it could possibly be this cooler. With that being said, it makes sense why this product raked in over $11.7 million in 52 days. If there’s a lesson that other startups can takeaway from the Coolest Cooler campaign is that in order to succeed on Kickstarter, you have to keep your ideas fresh and think outside the box- or in this case, think outside the cooler.

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