Crowdfunding Projects We Backed – April 2017

Crowdfunding Projects We Backed – April 2017

Here at Gadget Flow, we realise how important the crowdfunding community is for bringing the latest design, technology, and creativity to the public. However, platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are only part of the equation. The campaign creators themselves are responsible for propelling this community further. They not only have to create an amazing product; they also need to connect with a massive audience.

Our platform is chock full of the latest and greatest campaigns which our members love. For this reason, we’re giving back and helping along the campaigns that really stand out. Each month, we’re pledging to campaigns that we really love.

Below is our list for the Gadget Flow April 2017 Crowdfunding Pledges.

Sound Table Bluetooth Speaker Table

Crowdfunding Projects We Backed - April 2017
Connecting via Bluetooth, the Sound Table has a built-in speaker so you can hear your music as you wine and dine. It also has a beautifully modern aesthetic.

“I really appreciate the great design of this table. It’s modern yet timeless. Integrating a soundbar into the design is just brilliant.” – Evan, CEO

“When I am working, music helps me to be more productive but having my headset on all day is not practical or comfortable. Being able to have the music as a background on my workspace is great!” – Julien, Head of Customer Support

Price: $449

Bala Bangles Yoga Weight Bracelets

Crowdfunding Projects We Backed - April 2017
These wrist wearables hold 1 lb. of weight each to give your yoga routine a boost. Unlike traditional weights, they keep your hands totally free.

“I think the Bala Bangles are just perfect. They enhance every pose you do without inhibiting your balance. Sign me up!” – Ashley, Editor in Chief

Price: $40 – Gadget Flow members get an additional 10% off!

Knops Adjustable Acoustic Hearing Buds

Crowdfunding Projects We Backed - April 2017
The Knops Hearing Buds fit snugly in your ear and act like a remote control for environmental noise. You can lower the volume of the world around you or cut it out completely.

“I chose the Knops Hearing Buds because I love that they totally cut out noise – a must-have for noisy environments. Plus, the design is pretty cool.” – Madhurima, Head of Operations

Price: $61.70 – Gadget Flow members get an extra 10% off!

WonderShell Superhero Bulletproof Backpack

Crowdfunding Projects We Backed - April 2017
Designed like a superhero’s shield, the WonderShell is actually bulletproof. It also has a unique zipper design for increased security.

“I went for the WonderShell because the design is hilarious. But, it’s also fashionable and has the space you need.” – Cassie, CCO

Price: 245 – Gadget Flow members get the WonderShell Indiegogo Edition for only $277!

IS|CC Camera Cover

Crowdfunding Projects We Backed - April 2017
At just 0.7mm thick, this tiny device covers your webcam to protect you from cyber hackers. The IS|CC also slides open to give you full access in an instant.

“This camera cover is perfect for privacy and it’s so easy to use.” – Mike, COO

Price: $11 – Gadget Flow members get an extra ring at 37% off!

We are very excited to see how these campaigns finish and deliver on the products. Did you pledge to any campaigns in April?

Stay tuned – we’ll have another list next month!

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Ashley Timms is an editor at Gadget Flow where she gets to write about the most incredible products in the world. When she’s not writing, she’s producing fine art dog photography.
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