Quick Look on the Top 18 Resources For Crowdfunding Projects

Quick Look on the Top 18 Resources For Crowdfunding Projects

We have been discussing on various tips and tricks on crowdfunding projects for quite some time now. From writing product descriptions to choosing the right social media channels for marketing, there are a lot of factors driving towards the success of any crowdfunding campaign. While we did pick and choose those crucial topics one at a time for the last few months, today our focus is to give you a handy cheatsheet for reference on all these topics at once. So next time you launch a crowdfunding project, all you need to do is come back to this blog post and start exploring the topics you need help for one at a time. No need to scroll through our entire blog anymore. And just so that you don’t lose track on any of our upcoming posts, I’ll be updating every published post on crowdfunding here as soon as it goes live. Don’t forget to bookmark now!

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Coming to the points we have already covered, let’s have a look at what you might have missed all this while.

1. Product Descriptions

If you don’t present your project in a reader-friendly way, you can hope to not get any backers driven towards it. What you need is a proper balance in the choice of words so that when people read your project, they get glued to it instantly. Refer here for the full article or here as well.

2. Campaign Video

Having a video for your crowdfunding project gives you that extra something to gain more backers. So you need to be perfect with the ingredients you use to create that video. Refer here for the full article.

3. Product Photography

Apart from the video, you need to concentrate on the kind of product images you highlight on your campaign page as well. They should portray your product in a way such that people have an idea on what your product will look like in the real world. Refer here for the full article.

Quick Look on the Top 18 Resources For Crowdfunding Projects

4. Pre-Launch Marketing

It’s always wise to gain the attention of your potential backers before you launch your project. Planning that kind of marketing is a bit unique. Refer here for the full article.

5. Pledge Reward Chart

One of the most vital aspects of planning a crowdfunding campaign is the reward chart. You need to make it versatile and lucrative enough for your backers. Refer here for the full article.

6. Social Media Strategy

1.7 billion people are now active on social media at a regular basis. To avoid this channel of marketing would not be wise at all. Refer here for the full article.

7. Third Party Promotions

Promotions have become easy for crowdfunding campaigns because of the third party websites coming in the limelight. Refer here for the full article.

8. First 24 Hours

Those are the most precious hours of your crowdfunding campaign and you need to make the most out of them. Refer here for the full article.

9. Crowdfunding Promotion Tools

Apart from third-party websites, there are various online tools you can use to streamline your marketing process. Refer here for the full article.

10. Blogger and Influencer Attention

Once you launch your crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to be noticed by popular bloggers and influencers in your field of product innovation. Refer here for the full article.

11. Press Release

In order to get the attention of big publications and bloggers, you need to be formal with your presentation. Writing a good press release is always wise. Refer here for the full article.

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12. Analytics

Just launching a crowdfunding campaign isn’t enough. You need to track where you’re getting your viewers and backers from in order to enhance your marketing plans. Refer here for the full article.

13. Credibility

Crowdfunding has a lot to do with credibility. To get your plus points in that sector isn’t easy. Refer here for the full article.

14. Order Fulfillment

To get your order delivered on time is often a strenuous process. You can improve the speed and consistency with platforms like Fulfillrite. Refer here for the full article.

15. Post Campaign Marketing

Your project doesn’t end with the campaign completion date. In fact, that’s where begins your journey. Refer here for the full article.

16. Relaunching a Project

If you plan to relaunch your project, you still need to go through a lot of factor. Refer here for the full article.

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17. General Tips

Just to make sure you are walking on the right path for your crowdfunding campaign promotion, you need to follow those general guidelines all the time. Refer here for the full article.

What other factors are important for every crowdfunding project creator according to you? You can also check our crowdfunding checklist.

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