11 Easy storage ideas to organize all your awesome new gifts

So, the holidays are over, and cleanup is happening. Except, now you have all of this new stuff and nowhere to put it. Or worse, it's time to clean up all of those holiday decorations, and you're already dreading getting them back out next year. I mean, you know you're just going to throw them in a tub and forget about them and then get mad at yourself for not organizing better. That's why we have some easy storage ideas for you to get organized for the new year.

11 Easy storage ideas to organize all your awesome new gifts
Grovemade Wood & Leather Headphone Stand in a Desk Setup

Hopefully, you’re happy with all of your gifts and you’re keeping them. If not, Marie Kondo suggests to open them, use them, and see if they end up sparking joy. If they don’t, then you thank them for the joy they sparked when you received a gift of love from someone, and then donate them. For the gifts you’re keeping or those end-of-year sale items you couldn’t resist buying, we have storage ideas to make it easy to figure out where to put them.

And if you’re packing everything up this week—that’s what my plan for New Year’s Day is—we have just the thing for that too. Because remembering how and where you stored everything is kind of a pain. Especially if you’re like me and just toss everything in so you can forget about it and get it done.

Whatever your organization and storage goals, you’re sure to find something on our list that will spark some joy and get you motivated to get organized.

Loma Living Burnside Minimalist Bike Rack

I was hoping for a new bike this year, but Santa didn’t come through for me. But if he came through for you, you’re going to want to check out the Loma Living Burnside Minimalist Bike Rack. This is a great storage option. Featuring a small diamond shape, this shelf is perfect for road bikes, fixed gear, and track bikes. And setup is relatively simple. All the necessary hardware comes with the wall plaque.

Co/Studio Portable Personal Workstation

It might be compact, but the Co/Studio Portable Personal Workstation packs in quite a bit. In fact, this portable workstation includes a laptop power bank, wireless charger, desk organizer, and smart stand. If you received any remote-work devices this season to enhance your freelance workflow, you’re going to want to have this organization gadget in your life. The power bank offers a 26,500-mAh battery capacity, so you won’t have to find a spot near an outlet. And the laptop power bank has wireless charging abilities and powers up to five devices at once. Furthermore, the portable desk organizer pad is foldable, so it’s easy to pack in your bag.

Harber London NOMAD Leather iPad Pro Organizer

Apple iPads are a popular gift. And if you received one, you’ll need a nice way to store it. Especially if you’re going to be traveling with it and using it for work. Keep your essentials organized with the Harber London NOMAD Leather iPad Pro Organizer. Compatible with various iPad Pro models, including the new iPad Pro 9.7″ and 2019 iPad Air, this accessory helps keep everything organized while you’re on the move. The NOMAD organizer offers an adaptable yet practical way to carry your stuff. Likewise, it holds your keys, cards, cords, and more.

Shadow Rack Modular Makeup Organizer

Keep everything right where you need it with the Shadow Rack Modular Makeup Organizer. I know I got a ton of makeup this holiday season thanks to gifts and all of those sales I couldn’t resist. With countless configurations, you can cater this storage system to suit your needs. This storage device installs quickly and easily, ready for you to fill with your makeup. You can even link multiple racks together to expand your storage space. For drawers, they also stack. If you’re worried about all your different brands, they thought of that too. Shadow Rack is customized to work with all the industry’s top brands. And how great will it be to be able to see everything at once instead of digging around?

VivaTerra Reclaimed Teak Wood Mudroom Bench & Hanger

If you’re anything like me, the area by your inside garage door is a mess. It’s so easy to throw your shoes, coats, and winter gear around. And if you’ve snagged a nice new coat this holiday season, treat it a little better with the VivaTerra Reclaimed Teak Wood Mudroom Bench & Hanger. And even though this mudroom organizer provides a good amount of storage, it isn’t too bulky. It’s just sixteen inches deep, so it can even fit in fairly compact rooms.

Multi-Layer Desktop Storage Drawers

Add some style to your desk with the Multi-Layer Desktop Storage Drawers. Coming in a stunning bamboo frame, this storage system is perfect for all your cables, small devices, writing tools, and more. The three-drawer options are available as a stack of three drawers or with two small drawers on the bottom and one on top. And even though the name says “desktop” in it, these storage drawers would be great for storing items in on top of your dresser or on your hallway table.

NytStnd Multi-Device Charging Station

Instead of scattering your devices on your nightstand as they charge, use the NytStnd Multi-Device Charging Station. No matter how many devices you use—smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or TV remote—NytStnd can charge them. This all-in-one charging dock ensures your bedroom stays a comfortable place devoid of frustration and mess. And one of the great things about this multi-device charging dock is that it doesn’t look like everything else. Instead of using aluminum or steel, this dock has a base made of wood. So it is more likely to blend in with your style.

Mountable White Wood Storage Rack

The Mountable White Wood Storage Rack rack is a great storage idea for any room. This organization tool keeps things up and out of the way and conveniently located. With enough space for your smaller items, this rack is ideal for anything from your alarm clock to your pencils to decorative items. Unlike traditional open-front shelves, the Wood Storage Rack keeps everything in place and secure. It also helps you lift items off your desk to preserve your valuable workspace real estate.

Hurdle Hanger One Second Pants Hanger

At some point this season, you probably got clothes. Even if you weren’t gifted them, not many of us can resist the lure of all those amazing end-of-year holiday sales. Organize in no time with the Hurdle Hanger One Second Pants Hanger. This clothes-organization device gets rid of the common problems of pants maintenance including creases, crumples, and clip marks. Thanks to the design, your clothes won’t slip and fall from the hanger. Made from high-quality A.B.S, Hurdle Hanger is highly resistant to deformation and breakage. Finally, Hurdle Hanger saves plenty of vertical and horizontal space as well so you can fit more into your wardrobe.

Quick Peek Smart Storage Labels

This is just what you need when you go to put all of those holiday decorations away. Organize your home with ease when you use the Quick Peek Smart Storage Labels by Bluelounge. They attach to your boxes and storage bins, and all you have to do is scan these labels to learn what’s inside. Using the app, you take a photo of the items you want to store. This creates a Box in the app. The Quick Peek Labels link with the photo so you can just scan the label to see what’s inside. This system is perfect for storage in your attic, garage, or even your shed.

Grovemade Wood & Leather Headphone Stand

Headphones take up a lot of room on your desk if you just set them down. Instead, store them on the Grovemade Wood & Leather Headphone Stand. Rethinking the traditional design that is compatible with a bunch of bananas, this innovative stand is more like a sculpture. The stainless steel frame and wood body create an oblong mold to let your headphones securely hang. This clever design keeps your headphones from hanging and dangling which can cause them to become misaligned.

We’ve got you part of the way to solving your organizational needs with these storage ideas. And if you’re looking for added inspiration and a jump-start to your New Year, you can always spend the day watching Marie Kondo. Are you planning to get organized this year?

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