Conserve more water with this amazing eco-friendly faucet

Water is as much a part of our daily routine as eating and getting out of bed. We use water endlessly without thinking about it. But many people don't have the same access to it. What if there was a small change you could make to your bathroom so you could conserve more water without thinking about it?

Conserve more water with this amazing eco-friendly faucet
The Da Vinci faucet will change your bathroom routine

The average American uses 88 gallons of water per day. That’s 616 gallons per week, or 32,032 gallons per year. Nasoni is the first company to tackle water conservation in bathrooms in a unique way. With their never-seen-before product, they’ve added a water fountain to your bathroom faucet, combining utility, style, and conservation. If you’ve started thinking about climate change and being more environmentally conscious, the Da Vinci water fountain eco-friendly faucet is a great place to start.

Change your bathroom routine with Nasoni

Imagine a different morning or nighttime bathroom ritual. An easier morning or nighttime ritual. You have to brush your teeth. You have to take any pills, vitamins, or medications. Many people spend time shaving their face. And you have to wash your face. And through the process of doing all of this, what else is happening? You’re making a mess all over your counter.

A little boy using an eco-friendly faucet.

Your kids will love conserving water with this eco-friendly faucet

You’ve splattered or splashed water all over, and now you have to clean that up. You’re likely using another towel, which creates more laundry. And more laundry to do leads to higher water consumption. Let’s face it. The bathrooms are one of the most wasteful rooms in the house when it comes down to it.

Now, there’s a better solution

With Nasoni, you can change your bathroom routine and reduce your household’s water waste. And all with a solution so simple, we’re surprised no one has thought of this before. Now that Nasoni has, you’ll want to buy this faucet and never go back to your old standard bathroom faucet.

Nasoni has revolutionized the bathroom faucet by adding a second water delivery option. You’ll be able to get water from the downspout as you would with any faucet. But they’ve added a fountain feature. With the flip of a switch, you have a fountain. A fountain that uses 88% less water than other faucets.

The Da Vinci comes in two sizes, the 4″ and the 8″. It features a beautiful PVD finish that is durable and easy to clean. You can also add an under-the-counter water filter for an even better fountain experience to ensure you’re drinking the cleanest, purest water possible.

Nasoni is more than just a faucet

This eco-friendly faucet is more than just a pretty fixture to add to your bathroom. Sure, it looks good, but it’s so much more than that.

A man bending over the fountain of an eco-friendly faucet to rinse shaving cream from his neck.

Your shaving routine is easier than ever with Da Vinci

Benefits of the Da Vinci Fountain Faucet

  • This faucet eliminates the need for a cup, saving you on dishes and the water to wash them.
  • You’ll have a faucet that is more hygienic than all other faucets. And we all love a germ-free bathroom.
  • Da Vinci is built to last, only using the best materials.
  • This product has been designed, engineered, and certified in the US to be lead-free to NSF 21 and 372.
  • Nasoni has an astounding 6 Green verifications.
  • You won’t need to bend over awkwardly to rinse after brushing or to cup your hands for a drink of water.
  • As the first purchaser of the water fountain faucet, you’ll receive a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Do more with your Da Vinci Water Fountain Faucet

A faucet is just a faucet. At least, that’s been the standard. Now, you can more with your bathroom faucet, and do it so much more easily.

A woman bending over an eco-friendly faucet fountain to drink water.

There’s no need for a cup in the bathroom anymore with this water faucet fountain

You’ll find it easier to rinse after brushing, to rinse your face, to get a drink of water, or to give your hair a light rinse. And for those with chronic health problems or back pain, you’ll be able to reduce the stress on your body from bending over. That’s something many people don’t think about, but it’s amazing that someone finally did.

Let’s talk about water conservation

We’ve already said it, but it bears repeating. This faucet saves 88% more water than standard faucets. Though it’s important to note that that number looks to be based on the fountain portion of the faucet and not the downspout. But come on. You’ll be using the heck out of that fountain feature.

Nasoni is an official Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Partner. They have also joined the Alliance for Water Efficiency. They are committed to conserving water and getting the tools into people’s homes for them to do so as well.

A hand flipping the switch on an eco-friendly faucet to turn it into a fountain

Go from downspout to fountain with just the flip of a switch

The average American uses 4.4 gallons of water whenever they brush their teeth if they leave their water running. Note: if you’re leaving your water running while you’re brushing your teeth, don’t. Small changes in habits can make a huge impact on the environment and resource conservation. And, you know, carbon footprints and all that.

An award-winning faucet

People who have seen and tried the Nasoni Da Vinci Water Fountain Faucet are loving it. They’re loving it so much, Nasoni won the award for Best of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, People’s Choice, in 2018. And with this faucet in your bathroom, you’re sure to win the coolest bathroom gadget award among your friends.

Water coming out of the fountain portion of an eco-friendly faucet.

Water conservation has never been easier or more stylish

What we ❤️

It’s a given that we love how much water this bathroom faucet conserves. We also love all of the certifications this eco-friendly faucet has, including from WaterSense and that it’s ADA compliant. The factory Nasoni selected is just as thoughtful as they are and is an ISO 9001 factory. You can purchase your faucet knowing that the utmost thought was put into the environment every step of the way.

What we would ❤️ to see in future models

We’d love to see models that fit more bathroom sink options. Currently, the Da Vinci Fountain Faucet will not fit wall-mounted, single-hole, or taller vessel sinks.

Buy your Da Vinci Water Fountain Faucet

You want one now, right? Of course, you do. Because this product is amazing and is an environmentally conscious option. Head on over to Nasoni’s Kickstarter and buy your eco-friendly faucet today.

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