Elevate your training—without adding more weights—with this non-varying resistance system

Want challenging workouts that are safe yet effective? Check out the NV Rack. This exciting new product adds resistance to any movement or lift.

Elevate your training—without adding more weights—with this non-varying resistance system
NV Rack enhances any move

Get more benefits from your training sessions with the NV Rack. This system relies on non-varying resistance, increasing the acceleration of your movements instead of adding weight for safer, more effective workouts.

Looking to supercharge your fitness program while staying safe? Consider the NV Rack. Its Non-Varying Resistance System gives you the same benefits as heavy lifting by attaching bands to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, ankles, wrists, and more.

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Get effective workouts with less weight

While it sounds contradictory, you don’t need heavier weights to get stronger. Using the principle of force = mass x acceleration, the NV Rack increases the acceleration instead of the mass.

This creates a safe yet effective way to train, adding speed and power to any of your lifts and moves. So you don’t need to invest in new dumbbells or weight plates whenever you want to get stronger.

Add it to your squat rack easily

Even better, the NV Rack is a breeze to set up. Simply attach it to your squat rack and attach the NV Rack Band to your gym equipment. You can then choose your resistance level and start exercising.

So there are no complicated procedures to follow, and you won’t have to download and open the instruction manual whenever you want to use this product. It’s intuitive and easy to set up, ensuring plenty of reuse.

Use this practical resistance system for any exercise

With 4 easily adjustable resistance levels, the NV Rack customizes to your level. So if you’re starting with pull-downs, you can select less resistance. And if you’re an old pro, you can feel free to increase the tension.

This makes your workouts effective and easy—you won’t have to switch bands whenever you want to increase or decrease power. Meanwhile, the NV Rack also works with any squat rack, low or high. That way, you can add assistance or resistance to every move.

Optimize your workouts with the 3 extension arm positions

Moreover, the NV Rack has adjustable extension arms with 3 positions. This gives you multiple directional resistance areas, allowing you to increase the directional force for every exercise.

Attach this versatile resistance system to any squat rack

Don’t have access to an Olympic-size squat rack? That’s not a problem with this resistance system. It’s compatible with all squat racks thanks to its easy clamping mechanism. It works with both high or low attachments, giving everyone the chance to add resistance or assistance to any lift or exercise.

Choose from over 100 different exercises

When you exercise on your own, it’s easy to fall into an exercise rut, performing the same 5–10 moves at every session. However, the NV Rack prevents that from happening with its extensive online library.

The company’s Kickstarter page writes that the NV Athletic website will have over 100 different exercises. That way, you’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration mid-training session.

See how the NV Rack compares to free weights

Have you relied on free weights for years? While they’re an effective training tool, they can benefit from being used alongside the NV Rack.

When used alone, the mass of free weights actually limits your power output. Meanwhile, they don’t apply directional force and can’t be used with every exercise.

On the other hand, the NV rack doesn’t limit your power output, letting you push yourself while staying supported. It also applies directional force and can be used with just about any exercise.

Overall, you get more out of a training session with this resistance system, especially when you combine it with your typical free weights.

Save space with this resistance rack

Meanwhile, free weights and cable machines take up floor space. Free weights require a dedicated shelf for all the dumbbells. And if you have a cable machine, you need ample floor and area space.

The NV Rack, for its part, requires no additional floor space since it attaches to the equipment you already have. It’s a great way to conserve gym space.

Adapt this fitness gadget to any level

We already mentioned that the NV Rack is suitable for any fitness level, but let’s go into greater detail. With 4 adjustable resistance levels and multidirectional arms, it can adjust to your needs.

Beginners and fitness experts alike can set their ideal resistance and get a safe, effective workout with this workout accessory. Your age doesn’t matter, either, as the gadget is great for youth, adult, and senior fitness programs.

Check out our final thoughts on the NV Rack

By now, everyone knows about the benefits of resistance training. The NV Rack is an effective way to add it to any exercise. Yep, you can add it to kickboxing routines, ab workouts, rowing sessions and so much more. The sky really is the limit because this product works with any movement.

If you want to challenge your workouts without overloading yourself with plates and dumbbells, this equipment gives you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

Preorder this innovative new workout gadget for $1,599 on Kickstarter.

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