Take Light with You with the Ellum Solar Light

Take Light with You with the Ellum Solar Light

With such great design and modernisation at our disposal in the past few years, everything from our garbage cans to our watches have become smarter, greener, and more refined for our modern style. Although plenty of smart lights have graced us with their innovative presence, undoubtedly adding fun with colours and audio capabilities, they lack the one true necessity we’ve grown to desire: the added benefit to us and the environment through daily use. Enter the Ellum Solar Light by Feltmark.

These smart lights use the power of their environment to be powered. Relying on our best renewable resource, the sun, these lights are always ready to go whenever and wherever.


Incredibly, the Ellum light can soak up a day’s worth of sunlight and turn it into power for the bright LED for up to six months of use. Set inside stunning and smooth solid hardwood is a huge solar panel and an LED diffuser, both spanning the entire length of the body. Because the light can be charged any time, it remains wireless and unrestricted.

Ellum solar

The Ellum light features neodymium magnets along its spine which connect seamlessly to their match on the base. Mounting to the wall, the base allows the Ellum light to be adjusted to virtually any angle within 120 degrees. The light can also be detached instantly and be taken with you. Handcrafted in California, the Ellum light also has a smart motion sensor to light each step of your path.

Ellum angle

Multiple bases can be installed throughout your home meaning this one light can serve as a desk lamp, a nightlight, a hallway light, or even a bedside table lamp all in a day’s work. The Ellum light can be stood vertically on one end, meaning that virtually any place and any surface can become your place to read, work, and relax. Available in your choice of American Black Walnut or Hard White Maple, it also fits in with any room and décor.

Ellum anywhere

The Ellum Solar Light weighs just seven ounces and measures five inches in length, 3.18 inches wide, and just one-inch-thick at the spine. The lithium ion-polymer battery is rechargeable via the sun and one full charge will give you four hours of continuous light or up to six months with the motion sensor. The Ellum light is controlled with a capacitive touch switch and dimmer and the sensor can detect motion up to 15 feet. The warm white light produces up to 240 lumens.

Ellum bedside

Currently on Kickstarter with a successful campaign, the Ellum Solar Light has raised over $86,000 of its original $30,000 goal. You can reserve and pre-order your own for a pledge of just $59 until the end of the campaign on March 24th.

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