The new LitraPro full spectrum light helps you take better photos

Does your Instagram lack a little polish? The new LitraPro full spectrum light helps you take better photos and video in any conditions.

The new LitraPro full spectrum light helps you take better photos
  • Why do I need a light for photography? Image quality descends in low light, and your images will have less impact.
  • What is the advantage of constant lighting? It lets you preview your photo before pressing the trigger. It’s also essential for video.
  • What is the best constant light for photography? Of the many available options, LitraPro is a very strong contender.

For photographers and videographers, light is as important as oxygen. It’s the ingredient that breathes life into your photos. When there is too little, your images are suffocated by darkness.

While we can often utilize the natural light provided by the sun, there are times when that glowing ball is shrouded in cloud or facing the other side of the Earth. In moments such as these, the LitraPro full spectrum light will help you keep shooting. This compact device works with virtually any camera, providing flexible lighting for any occasion.

What is a full spectrum light?

Most forms of photographic lighting are tuned to a specific color. In contrast, full spectrum lights can provide a range of different tones, from rich warmth to cool blues.

The LitraPro puts this level of customization in your pocket. This light delivers an incredible 1,200 lumens at full power, but you have total control over brightness and color.

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In addition, this versatile light works with a range of accessories, including a softbox, barn doors, filters, various mounts, and more.

full spectrum light 04

The full rig

Take better photos

There are several ways to use the LitraPro. It comes with a cold shoe mount, meaning you can attach the light to any DSLR or mirrorless camera. You can also purchase a dual or triple mount, which means you can add other items to your rig.

full spectrum light 05

Coldshoe mount

You can control LitraPro via the built-in controls or via the companion app (iOS and Android). This latter gives you access to all the full range of settings, including 0–100% power and a temperature slider. In fact, you can control up to seven LitraPro lights through the app.

Smart design

LitraPro has a matrix of LEDs that provide even, flicker-free illumination through 70 degrees. This means you can shoot video as well as still photos. The battery lasts for around 45 minutes on full power or 10 hours on low power.

full spectrum light 02

Variable temperature

The other impressive thing about LitraPro is the build quality. The light has a rugged aluminum shell that is waterproof to 30 feet, and the LEDs are carefully calibrated (95 CRI).

full spectrum light 03

Waterproof, too

After the current Kickstarter campaign, backers will be able to purchase add-on accessories. The lineup includes a softbox, barn doors, a honeycomb filter, video hand rigs, and a color filter set.

“We proudly present the award-winning LitraPro — the world’s first full spectrum, bi-color video and photo adventure light. LitraPro is an ultra-rugged, waterproof, Bluetooth compatible, fully dimmable, bi-color light. We designed the LitraPro to be your “must have light” for studio, run and gun, underwater and any photo and video adventure your creativity and imagination takes you on.” — Litra on Kickstarter

The best bits

Being totally wireless and customizable, this light gives you total creative freedom. In addition, the constant light source is great for previewing how your shots will look.

Minor gripes

It’s a shame that the light doesn’t sync with your camera. While you can use the built-in controls, it would be nice to have a regular flash mode in there somewhere.


– Kickstarter: Until July 1st

– Pledge: $145 USD

– Delivery: November 2018

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