Have every bag you need with the WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line

Conquer the world with the WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line—where style meets durability. From hidden pockets to crush-proof wheels, these bags make your travel dreams a reality.

Have every bag you need with the WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line
WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line is stylish and functional

Pack for any adventure with the WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line. This versatile travel bag collection consists of 4 bags that work together to give you a better travel experience from the time you start packing until the moment you return home.

Are you tired of travel bags that just don’t cut it? We’re talking about roller bags that collapse after their first flight and backpacks that rip at the seams. Don’t even get us started about jammed suitcase zippers.

Well, hold on to your passports because we’ve got a game-changer for you. Today, we’re introducing the WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line—a collection of bags that will revolutionize the way you travel.

We’ll dive into the features of each bag and see how they can make your next trip an absolute breeze. So, let’s get this adventure started.

The brainchild of 2 brothers

In case you’re wondering, WANDRD wasn’t created in a boardroom by company execs looking for the next big thing. No, this line of travel bags was created by 2 brothers with upcoming trips who couldn’t find the right travel camera bag.

So they made their own. Meanwhile, they expanded into a team of travelers, photographers, and creators passionate about delivering quality products to people who love exploring the world.

And now they’re presenting the culmination of their hard work—The WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line—on Kickstarter.

Consisting of the TRANSIT Travel Backpack, TRANSIT Carry-On Roller, WANDRD Tote Backpack, and Travel Wallet, the collection aims to help people get out there and explore.

The TRANSIT Travel Backpack carries like a feather

So, first up, we have the TRANSIT Travel Backpack, the ultimate companion for explorers on the go. Comfort is key when you travel, and this bag delivers. With its ergonomic design, you can wear it all day without feeling like you’re lugging a ton of bricks.

Plus, there’s a hidden passport pocket and AirTag pocket for added security—because keeping your documents and valuables safe during travel is a must.

And, if you need extra room for souvenirs or want to pack an extra sweater, don’t worry. The TRANSIT Travel Backpack has 5L of expansion, letting you pack everything you need.

What’s more, if you’re jetting off with additional luggage, the luggage pass-through feature makes it a breeze to attach the backpack to your roller bag. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple bags.

Add to these features options for either a 35L or 45L bag, liner colors that help you find your essentials, dual quick-draw side access pockets, a laptop/tablet sleeve, and helpful packing cubes. So it’s just about the most travel-friendly backpack we’ve seen.

The TRANSIT Carry-On Roller is ultra-durable

Next in line is the TRANSIT Carry-On Roller—a true travel workhorse in this versatile travel bag collection. Its crush-proof wheels ensure that gravel driveways and cobblestone streets no longer pose a threat.

And don’t worry about sudden rain showers or accidental spills; the weather-resistant design has got you covered, keeping everything in your suitcase dry.

Then, you’ll feel like an organization guru thanks to the interior organization features, laptop pocket, quick-access pockets, and built-in compression straps.

But what sets the Carry-On Roller apart in this adventure luggage collection is its space. Although it meets carry-on travel regulations, it has space for a full week’s worth of clothing, plus your iPad and some gaming gadgets.

The WANDRD Tote Backpack gives you flexibility

For those of you who crave a flexible travel experience, the WANDRD Tote Backpack is what you’ve been dreaming of. With its 2 carry modes—backpack and tote style—you can switch things up to suit your preference.

The UHP carbon filter composite fabric not only adds a touch of sophistication but also makes the bag incredibly lightweight. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for practicality!

The expandable roll-top allows you to adjust the bag’s capacity based on your needs. And let’s not forget the weather-resistant design that shields your belongings from unexpected showers or accidental coffee spills.

There are also dual water bottle pockets, luggage passthrough, and padded straps for comfort. Combined with the TRANSIT Carry-On Roller, you’ll be the epitome of fashion and functionality.

The Travel Wallet protects your data like a pro

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Travel Wallet—a must-have for every globetrotter. The RFID protection ensures your sensitive information stays secure, even in the busiest of airports.

The magnetic closure adds a touch of convenience, letting you snap your wallet open and close it quickly like the travel pro you are. But wait, there’s more!

This wallet hides some clever features, including a hidden cash pocket and an AirTag pocket. That way, you get double protection against pickpocketers.

And, of course, the thoughtful organization pockets ensure that your cards and documents are neatly organized and easily accessible, whenever you need them.

The WANDRD travel bag collection adapts to any adventure

If you’re looking for travel bags that suit your needs, whether you’re traveling across the globe or just visiting Gram and Gramps, the TRANSIT Travel Line by WANDRD is it.

With comfortable, spacious backpacks in 2 sizes, a roller bag with crush-proof wheels, a water-resistant tote bag with 2 carry styles, and a protective wallet, this line gives you flexibility and peace of mind.

So, go ahead and unleash your wanderlust with the WANDRD TRANSIT Travel Line. From exploring busy city streets to trekking through nature, this gear is up for any adventure.

Say goodbye to the days of struggling with clunky, unreliable travel bags, and say hello to a new era of stylish, functional, and durable travel companions.

Love this versatile travel bag collection? Then preorder it for just $54 on Kickstarter. What do you love most about these bags? Let us know in the comments.

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