Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019 – The best gifts under $100

Dads do a lot for us. And, as such, they deserve love in return all year long. But, when Father’s Day rolls around, it’s a great way to go above and beyond to show your love. No matter what your dad is into, this list has something for everyone.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019 – The best gifts under $100
  • When is Father’s Day? It’s always the 3rd Sunday in June. This year, Father’s Day is on June 16, 2019.
  • What are some classic dad gifts? Ties, golf balls, and gift certificates are common gifts, although we think you can do much better.
  • Where can I find more cool products for Father’s Day? Check out our category for leather good, everyday carry gear, and gadgets for men!

Dads are pretty great. Perhaps yours taught you how to swing a baseball bat or change a tire or do your hair. Or, maybe he showed you how to do your own taxes or maybe he was always there when you took a tumble as a kid.

Great dads come in many forms but they all have one thing in common: unconditional and endless love for their kids. Give some love back this year by grabbing any item from our Father’s Day gift guide. They’re all under $100 so you can show your love without hitting your wallet too hard.

Nisnas Industries Oak Whisky Tumbler

Handmade to perfection, the Oak Whisky Tumbler offers a refreshingly modern take on a true classic. Complete with a stainless steel base, these tumblers also sport a honey wax finish to really bring out the wood grain. Plus, it enhances the flavors so your dad can savor every sip.
Price: $58 (get 20% off with discount code DAD20)

Kindle Built-In Front Light E-Reader

Got a bookworm for a dad? Keep him from overflowing his bookcase by getting him the all-new Kindle. It comes with a built-in front light, making it a cinch to read on the beautiful glare-free touchscreen no matter where he is.
Price: $89.99

3 FIT Theory Ideal Fit T-Shirts

Let your dad rock his dad bod in total comfort with an ultra comfortable t-shirt from 3 FIT Theory. These shirts are literally designed with every body in mind. With multiple sizes, they’re machine washable and won’t even shrink in the dryer.
Price: $25

Nomad Tile Slim Tracking Wallet

Offer your dad a bit of peace of mind with this trackable leather wallet from Nomad. Featuring a Tile tracking device inside, it uses advanced crowdsource technology and Bluetooth so he’ll always be able to find it. It’s got plenty of slots, a sleek design, and won’t cause pocket bulge.
Price: $79.95

FlipFork Boss Versatile Grilling Tool

The FlipFork Boss is the ultimate grilling companion. It combines five tools in one, turning any dad into a grill master. Upgrading a regular spatula, it also offers a large fork, knife edge, a serrated edge, and an integrated bottle opener.
Price: $17.49

ThinkGeek Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper

Every Star Wars fan deserves to feel the power of The Force, dads included. The Darth Vader Clapper enables your dad to turn lights and appliances on and off just by clapping. It also sports the iconic Dark Side Jedi’s bust in all its glory.
Price: $29.99

Bosch PS11 Angle Drill Driver

What’s better than a DIY dad? A DIY dad with the Bosch PS11. This nifty little tool delivers total power at any angle. Thanks to the clever design, it articulates up to 180° and features two LED lights to illuminate any job.
Price: $99

Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch

Any dad will appreciate better storage and organization. The Tech Pouch from Peak Design offers smart storage for any and all tech and accessories. There’s room for a tablet, cables, power banks, hard drives, and anything else your dad needs to lug around.
Price: $59.95

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Vacuum Insulated Beer Cooler

There’s nothing like popping open a cold one with your dad. With the Frosty Beer 2, your dad’s beer will be ice cold for as long as he needs. The innovative design is compatible with both cans and bottles and creates sweat-proof vacuum insulation.
Price: $29.99

Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard

If your dad is in charge of the remote, let him have even more control. The Logitech K600 is a keyboard-style remote control designed for smart TVs. Your dad will be able to type in movie and show titles easily, while also navigating through any apps without breaking a sweat (or swearing).
Price: $69.99

Tair Rack Inflatable Roof Rack

For the car-loving yet adventurous dad, the Tair Rack should fit the bill. This roof rack actually inflates when you need it, protecting the vehicle from any damage. Plus, when they’re not in use, the tubes pack down to a superbly compact size.
Price: $64.61

Lexar JumpDrive 35 Fingerprint Flash Drive

If your dad works for the CIA or simply appreciates privacy and security, the JumpDrive 35 by Lexar is all about that life. Using a fingerprint as the security key, this flash drive is exceptionally secure and compact, making it easy to take everywhere.
Price: $29.99

Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Car Device

You could always give your dad the gift of unlimited power. The Roav Bolt is a clever little device that installs in the car. Working hands-free, your dad can make calls, manage smart home devices, and so much more.
Price: $49.99

Maggbrush Ultra Safe Grill Brush

Dads and grilling go together like hotdogs and buns. The Maggbrush is an innovative grill brush armed with a magnet. As your dad scrubs the grill, the built-in magnet captures any and all bristles that may fall away, keeping the grill clean and safe.
Price: $29

Flösku Apple TV Remote Case

Your dad may love his Apple TV, so give him a little boost in style. The Flösku Case is designed just for the Apple TV remote and features stunning walnut wood. Showing off the beautiful wood grain in all directions, it also offers total protection and improved grip.
Price: $45.22

Active Band Strong Apple Watch Strap

As any Apple Watch wearer knows, the strap that comes with it is hardly enough for the adventurous. Help your dad live his most active life with a strap that can keep up. The Active Band is designed to handle the elements, whether your dad loves snorkeling or spelunking.
Price: $59.95

Status Audio CB-1 Professional Studio Headphones

Affordable yet powerful, these professional studio headphones from Status Audio will knock your dad’s sock (or slippers?) right off his feet. They’re lightweight and armed with ultra-cushiony ear pads for total comfort.
Price: $59

CaddyDaddy Innovative Golf Gloves

Rather than get your dad more golf balls, get him a new set of golf gloves. This pair from CaddyDaddy may look like a standard pair, but they’re far from it. They offer superior grip thanks to the microfiber palm and silicone web coating. Plus, your dad can easily wash them in the washing machine.
Price: $35

Forj High-Strength Repair Ribbon

For Mr. Fit-it or simply the dads who aren’t great at DIY, Forj is an incredible material to fix just about anything. The repair ribbon wraps around objects and solidifies, forming a bond strong enough to hold up to 1,000 lbs.
Price: $21.95

Surefire Titan Ultra-Compact LED Keychain Light

This everyday carry flashlight is designed to fit right on your dad’s keychain. The Surefire is impressively compact yet delivers the perfect brightness, helping Dad find and see just about anything while he’s on the go.
Price: $53.99

Handy Camel Giant Bag Clip

This is the one gift your dad will be telling everyone about. Think of it as an extra large chip bag clip, except the Handy Camel is armed with a durable handle and can withstand heavy loads. It comes in multiple sizes and makes light of any load.
Price: $19.99

NiteSpecs LED Light Reading Glasses

You didn’t hear it from us, but your dad’s vision may be getting worse. Luckily, you can get him the NiteSpecs to make things easier. These reading glasses are equipped with built-in LED lights to illuminate any book or menu.
Price: $19.95

EST Shovel Multipurpose Adventure Tool

A great way to spend more time with your dad is to invite him on your adventures; just make sure to arm him with the right tools. Featuring 18 functions in one, the EST Shovel uses high-quality steel to handle everything in its path.
Price: $69

Bev Tie Hands-Free Beverage Holder

Now, if you must get your dad a tie, you can still get him a unique one. The Bev Tie, as the name suggests, is a tie that can hold a beverage. His bottle or can slides right into the front pocket so it’s always within reach.
Price: $19.99

See anything your dad will love? Let us know in the comments!

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