The TAGIT Umbrella folds perfectly every time

While golf umbrellas are great for staying dry in a storm, they do require some manhandling at every doorway. In contrast, the TAGIT umbrella folds perfectly and takes only a couple of shakes to dry off.

The TAGIT Umbrella folds perfectly every time
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  • What umbrella folds down most easily? Thanks to a unique design, TAGIT folds perfectly every time and stays compact in your bag.

In some parts of the world at certain times of the year, carrying an umbrella is essential. A jacket will only keep the water off some of your upper body, and hood hair does nothing for your appearance.

The problem is, most umbrellas are pretty difficult to work with. You could pick a folding one, but these capitulate in the lightest breeze. A golf-style umbrella will be more robust, but far too large for crowded subways.

TAGIT offers a simple solution. This high-tech umbrella folds neatly with minimal effort, and it’s small enough to take anywhere.

Why do I need a better umbrella?

Those of us who use umbrellas frequently will be familiar with the strange dance you have to perform upon reaching any doorway.

It involves shaking your rain shield vigorously to remove the excess moisture, before attempting to close the thing. As the heavy rain continues to pour down the back of your neck, you may wish you could make your entrance a little quicker.

With the TAGIT Umbrella, you can step inside in seconds. It uses patent-pending Smart-Patch technology, which ensures the canopy always folds along the same lines.

better umbrella 02

Finally, a hassle-free rain shield

You then simply rotate the handle to coil the material into a tight roll. To finish the job, TAGIT has a magnetic buckle that snaps shut by itself.

better umbrella 03

Twist, snap, and you’re done

If that wasn’t enough, some serious effort has gone into the look of TAGIT. It comes in six different colors, each with an eye-catching sheen.

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Folds perfectly

Besides the fancy design, the folks behind TAGIT have chosen some smart materials.

better umbrella 07

The frame is aluminum alloy

The main frame is constructed from 7075 aluminum alloy. This is strong enough to resist wind and metal fatigue, yet surprisingly light.

The main canopy is treated with Teflon EcoElite, which is a renewably-sourced coating that repels water. With just two shakes, you can dry the entire umbrella.

better umbrella 04

The TAGIT even protects you from the sun

In addition, the umbrella offers good protection against harmful UV rays. It absorbs 90% of incoming radiation, which is the equivalent of wearing UPF 60+ sunscreen.

“Unlike normal umbrellas, the TAGIT Umbrella doesn’t fold into a disorganized mess. Every individual fold of the TAGIT Umbrella obeys a preset pattern and this pattern will be followed every time you collapse it.” — TAGIT on Kickstarter

The best parts

better umbrella 05

From the canopy to the clasp, TAGIT has it all

TAGIT’s Smart-Patch technology could literally change umbrellas forever. It makes the canopy much easier to handle, and much less likely to tear on the frame.

Future designs

folds perfectly 06

We could see more materials used in future versions

The great thing about this design is that it works with any fabric. As such, expect many more styles of the TAGIT Umbrella to emerge if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.


– Kickstarter: Until July 13

– Pledge: $46 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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