Take your medication on time, every time with Pillgo

When you lead a busy life, it’s easy to forget your pills. To make sure you stay healthy, the Pillgo smart pillbox will remind you to take your medication on time. It can also track your health and provide advice.

Take your medication on time, every time with Pillgo
  • Can tech help me be healthier? Absolutely. Take a wander around our Health section for some idea of what tech can do!
  • How important is it to take medication on time? Very. Doctors say that missing your slot can make the medication less effective.
  • How do you make sure you take your pills on time? Use a smart pillbox like Pillgo. This device delivers helpful reminders and can track your health over time.

When you visit the doctor with a health problem, you may be sent away with some medication. As they hand you the bottle of pills, your physician will probably say something like “take two of these a day, after meals.” At the time, you’re paying attention. But in the midst of a busy schedule, such details can get lost.

Pillgo is a smart pillbox that can help you take your medication on time. It stores your pills safely, and delivers reminders via notifications on your smartphone. The pillbox can also track your heart rate and blood pressure, gathering vital data about your recovery.

Do I really need a smart pillbox?

Some people are totally reliable when it comes to taking medication. But not all of us have this level of mental discipline. If you recognize weaknesses in your organizational skills, it might be worth investing in a smart pillbox.

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Pillgo will remind you when necessary

Pillgo is one of the best we’ve seen. This round device contains multiple compartments, each for a separate dose. Through the companion app, you can schedule when you need to take the medication. When that time arrives, Pillgo will ping you with a notification and dispense only the pills you need.

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You can’t overdose with this smart pillbox

The Pillgo app even encourages you to stay on track with a little gamification. Every time you take your medication on time, you move up the leaderboard. In addition, you can allow family and friends to check on your progress.

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Pillgo analyzes your biometrics

But that’s not all. Pillgo actually takes an active part in managing your health. If you wear a smartwatch, the app will note how your body reacts to various medications. Pillgo can then help you optimize your schedule for best results.

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Stay safe

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Pillgo provides drug information

In fact, Pillgo is like having a pharmacist in your bag. The smart pillbox uses OCR technology to “read” the back of every medication and look for possible interactions. Furthermore, Pillgo will keep you informed about drug allergies.

“Pillgo allows you to customise your medication schedule, receive reminders and keep comprehensive medication records. It also keeps track of your recovery progress, which provides analysis of your medication data and biometrics, such as heart rate and blood pressure.” — Pillgo on Indiegogo

What we ❤️

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Never forget your medication again

Given that half of all medications aren’t taken as prescribed, Pillgo solves a genuine problem. This device is great for all ages, and super easy to use.

Human input

Be aware that you will need to refill Pillgo with your medication and charge the smart pillbox every week or so.


– Indiegogo: Until July 1

– Pledge: $42 USD

– Delivery: August 2019

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