This elegant timepiece will bring luxury to your everyday life

Love the look of a traditional watch? You know, the kind with a leather strap, shiny metal hands, and a diamond-cut face piece? With all the buzz about smartwatches (hey, they are useful) it’s easy to forget that a beautiful watch can make a certain statement about a wearer’s taste and style. About the things he values.

This elegant timepiece will bring luxury to your everyday life
Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece with Brown Leather Band

If you’re looking to buy an outstanding traditional watch, the Chrono S elegant timepiece by Vincero is the watch for you. Featuring a sophisticated design made from surgical-grade stainless steel and top-grain Italian leather, this is a watch you can wear from your business meeting to a bar. It’s one that will always say quality, no matter where you are.

Vincero watches will up your game. A company where nothing is outsourced, Vincero oversees the creation of each watch from design to delivery. The company is unique in that they want to bring manufacturing back to its basics. Their business model is the result of a five-year effort spent building relationships with world-class factories in China. This provides customers elegant timepieces with quality and value. With a Vincero watch, you know you’re getting a product that looks like what it is—top-quality.

An elegant timepiece with surgical grade stainless steel

The Chrono S Class elegant timepiece boasts a case that is made with surgical grade stainless steel. It’s a variety of stainless steel that’s used, as the name suggests, in biomedical applications. It’s the most corrosion-resistant variety of steel. This means that the Chrono S Class, while stylish, has some chops when it comes to durability. You’ll be able to wear it for years without fear of it corroding due to moisture or the natural humidity that results from wearing it.

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece on a Man

The Vincero Chrono S is waterproof to 5 ATM

Speaking of durability, the Chrono S is also waterproof to 5ATM standards. This means that it is water-resistant up to 50 meters for 10 minutes. So you can wash your hands or cook while wearing it. You could even accidentally wear it in the shower. It’s great that such a sophisticated watch can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Multiple colors for greater flexibility

Another great feature of the Chrono S is that it comes in a wide variety of color options. Available in matte black, blue/brown, rose gold, copper/cognac, gunmetal/slate steel, and more, you’ll find a color that suits your style. So whether you prefer navy, gray, or brown tones, the Vincero Chrono S will have a color you’ll love. With so many color options, you can style it with any of your suits, blazers, sweaters, and shirts.

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece in Use

A luxury watch that ships for free, anywhere

A fantastic bonus about buying this elegant timepiece? Vincero will give you free shipping worldwide. So no matter where you live, you won’t have to pay for shipping costs. It’ll be like buying a luxury watch from your local jeweler, only this one will arrive at your house.

Vincero offers a two-year warranty with 30-day returns

If your watch stops working for whatever reason during the first two years, it’s covered by warranty. We’ve all had a product stop working for us for whatever reason. It’s nice to know that this elegant timepiece is covered during the first two years if that happens. Also, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within the first thirty days.

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece on a Man’s Wrist

Can’t decide on a color? Buy a few straps.

Do you like the color options but can’t decide on a strap? No problem. This luxury watch has interchangeable straps. So you can pair that Sunray Blue dial with a brown leather wrist strap or a black one. This way, you can wear your Chrono S elegant timepiece with a black or navy suit. It gives you options. Luxurious ones.

What we love about this elegant timepiece

We love that the Vincero Chrono S  elegant timepiece combines luxury and affordability. The S Class watches are made with extreme attention to detail using quality materials for a great value. We also love that these watches are durable. So you can go about your day without worrying about it getting splashed by a little water. Even people with impeccable taste need to go about their day normally.

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece

Vincero Chrono S Masculine Timepiece on Display

What we would love to see

Some reviewers have commented that the leather band is somewhat stiff when it comes out of the box and that it takes some time, about two weeks, for it to break in. However, if you don’t mind a wait, the feel will become top-notch.

Where to buy this traditional watch

You can buy the Vincero Chrono S on the company website. Leather wristband models start at $169.00; steel wristband versions cost $189.00.


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